Trump in Michigan tonight who’s watching?

i am. i live for his calling out the idiot cable “news” (hardly). have been since idiot CNN covered their enemy Reagan in the 80’s

and am glad he snubs self impt arrogant jackass correspondents who continue their glaring obvious mission to destroy him.

anyone else gonna watch?


I will be. I hope it’s good one.

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Light your candles, Culter’s, and all hail the Coward.


Let me give you a pre-event synopsis.

  1. Trump is great. The best. No one has been better.

  2. The news is all fake. Don’t believe it. Unless it’s positive about him. Then it’s legit.

  3. He’s been real tough on Russia

  4. He’s building the wall. It’s gonna be awesome.

  5. Democrats are the worst obstructionists ever.

  6. He’s draining the swamp. Ignore the bad stuff we’re hearing about his cabinet.

  7. There is no chaos in his administration. It runs like a nascar vehicle.


Who…you finally made it.

Hate saying this but forum wouldn’t be the same without you.


I’d rather drink bleach.

  1. There’s never been a worse witch hunt in the history of this country.
  2. He won so many states!
  3. Tax cut baby!
  4. Haters!

Trump was the only Republican who could have won Michigan in 2016.

I’m having a nice single malt, neat, but to each his own!

lol “culters”

no “cult” when Obama was going to fill our gas tanks, but “cult” because someone outright.praises the US of A and calls out the dumbass joke press.

kinda sad really

Good to hear Conan enjoy the rally. It’s nice to hear someone push American values isn’t it?

lol I’ve painted all the walls in my house blue. Soon I will paint them red.

Then light candles blah blah blah. cause you know cult and stuff

Going with the old Nicholson quote.

I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.

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Have no interest in watching the mentally unstable spewer of alternative facts, who is Trump, dump his latest load of garbage on the American people.

CNN said “even Reagan called in when he was shot”

But that was back before cable news let their idiot millennial kids get involved.

“Trump snubbed the annual celebration of the White House press corps last year, the first time a president skipped the Washington tradition since 1981 when Reagan was recovering from an assassination attempt. Even then, Reagan called in to make a few jokes.”

suckle at the nipple here, while the eyes roll back in your head:

sources say he is mentally stable

You won’t enjoy Donald’s rally nearly so much as Donald will.


Thanks for the heads up on WH Correspondence Dinner. Didn’t realize it was tonight.

He needs some affirmation, dude has had a terrible year so far. Plus Melania could use a nice night out in DC and some hot monkey love from whomever her maintenance man is.

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She deserves that. Lord knows Donald has put his wee hands on enough extra-marital strange to last a few lifetimes.