Trump...hillary..FBI and spying

So your head was in the sand about millions she paid for Dossier to no otehr then a foreigner using Russian information.

How convenient.

That money was paid to…let me look it up…and American firm.

Clapper seems to have admitted on the view that yes that did indeed happen. He tried to make excuses but did admit it.

Libs: No … Ha ha ha. Any one can see … ha ha ha… it was not a spy…ha ha ha… dum cons …ha ha ha …

well thats not true, she paid a dc firm thats based in america…Who highered Steele…not the samething. but you knew this

there was no spy, trump made it up so people like you would fall for it because it sounded better. Trump thinks you are an idiot.

Tell that to Clapper.

I can’t believe you folks are still falling for that spin.


an informant isnt a spy…glad i could clear up this confusion…hopefully from now on you will stop posting that stupid lie

I watched the dude(Clapper) talking about it. I should listen to you instead? Don’t think so!

That was the word he substituted for spy. :rofl: Spying on another campaign for partisan reasons is worse than watergate.

cool that didnt happen.

James Clapper didn’t admit to there being a spy within the Trump campaign.

for someone that claims to be a good christian you tend to bear false witness a lot…

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Day I believe Gooddad is being honest is the day I become a born again

That quote from Stelter is obvious. And it’s the same stuff they’ve been doing all along. The plebes buy it because their “trusted” sources tell them so. It’s called brainwashing.

it seems to have had a lot of success so far.

I can’t wait until this is declassified…

It’s the right wing playbook that has made quite a few people a lot of money…and I mean a lot

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And then there’s this: An informant is a spy.