Trump...hillary..FBI and spying

So the latest dumb coming from the right is about how the FBI put a spy into the trump campaign in 2016.
Now while that didnt happen, one of the main talking points from the trump faithful is that there is a witch hunt going on inside the fbi…

So when we apply that logic to the run up to the 16 election what do we get?

We get Comey releasing a statement about the emails with Hillary, effectively crapping on her election chances somewhat…

Meanwhile we had the FBI using an informant, carter page under a FISA warrant and no leak whatsoever of it happening…

But it’s the FBI on a witch hunt, and making the FBI a political weapon…

Sadly once again I am watching the rights talking points win out because people just dont care enough…I guess corruption and lying doesnt really matter when you have a job…

Comey didn’t release a public statement about emails on the husbands computer. He notified congess as he should they may have found more evidence. I said it then and I’ll say it now. It was an idiotic congress critter who released the information.

True. But Comey had to know that the Republicans on the committee would go public with it. Anyone with half a brain knew it would happen.

Also, did you ever figure out if it was Chaffetz who was the first to leak it? I remember us talking about that in a different thread but forgot what came of it.

Cool…his letter screwed over Hillary somewhat…the point stands

Yes it was Cheffetz that went public with it. And I say now as I said then, Comey had a duty to report the new development to the committee he told it was over. And I say now as I said then, Chaffetz had a duty to keep his ■■■■■■■ trap shut.

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And then there’s this:


Thanks for this. Yeah, I could not agree more.

I’ve been saying it here for a bit now. Trump and his sycophants are a cancer on this nation. It is proven more and more every single day.

It’s working because the idiots are buying it

It wasn’t a spy it was an informant. No, wait, it wasn’t an informant, it was a protector…


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The same guy shaming NFL players for kneeling because it’s disrespectful uses an unsecure phone and wants to public out FBI informants.

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You all set?

You bet…

And Hillary won the popular vote.

Idiots abound.

why didn’t the FBI give a “protector” to the hillary campaign?

So what do you want to do about this cancer?

Yeah, it’s nuts.

This is all on trump supporters. None of them are holding him accountable.

Were people in her campaign seeking foreign assistance to win the election?

Did she pay foreigners for information?

Not that I am aware of.