Trump heads on five-state rally blitz amid Supreme Court chaos

He’s back in his element. People who love him cheering instead of world representatives/ leaders laughing.

Campaigner in Chief.

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This is what he’s good at.

These rallies remind me of that TV show tag-line, “where the points don’t matter and everything is made up.”

i don’t think enough people give him credit for how good he is at saying what the attendees want to hear.

Rush Limbaugh is really good at saying what his listeners want to hear too.

Paid rally attendees will experience economic gains over the next 5 days.


and Alex Jones.

Out of the five states that Trump is going to hold campaign rallies in, Arizona is not one of them. Trump held a campaign rally in Arizona last year (non-election year), but he hasn’t held a campaign rally in Arizona here this year. There is a big Senate race in Arizona this year, but Trump is not coming here to campaign for the GOP candidate anytime soon. It could possibly be that his approval rating in this state is now only at about 44%.



I was going to suggest a new drinking game where you take a shot every time Trump tells a lie at his rally.
But that would be cruel for Trump supporters who would never take a drink.

And for everyone else who would be in a coma.

“blitz”? really?

“Why is @BarackObama always campaigning or on vacation?”

~ Donald Trump


So, does that mean we’ll be getting more information on this new love affair Donny has with Kim?

They can help him lick his wounds from the U.N. debacle.

Look man, no one’s better at tooting Donald’s horn than Donald himself. It’s not the sort of thing you leave to an amateur.

I hear Kim writes the most beautiful letters.

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Chants heard at Trump rallies:

Lock Her Up!
Build that wall!
Kim jung un!

It would also raise the very real possibility of alcohol poisoning for those participating.

They are the best letters really. No letter is quite as big and beautiful as a letter from Kim praising the awesomeness that is Donald Trump. There is no subject that is greater, believe me.