Trump has a new offer for Pelosi

$130,000 to keep quiet. The article doesn’t state whether she accepted his offer, but I think she should take it. She probably has never seen that much money in her life and I’m sure she could use it to take better care of herself. I’m not sure what Donald Trump has in store for that one hour of silence, but I’m sure he’s going to utilize it in a way to maximize Republican policy in the House of Representatives. Considering it’s Donald Trump, I’m sure he has some kind of genius level plan.

People are saying he made this a standing offer to all of the Democratic presidential candidates as well.

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He probably already paid all the subservient Republican men.

Of the two Pelosi is the only one that we know is actually a millionaire and doesn’t just say they are

I like his better princess article more.



This the schtick from Trump I actually enjoy. You see from time to time a man who can play to the caricature he has created.

Then he goes back to being a nasty vindictive bully.

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careful. the left will dogpile you, saying you thought this was real

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I doubt that.

It’s clear what is parody and what is real.

they won’t care! just saying…

That’s what I was hoping for. I wanted a thread with 100+ replies, but this thread has been a slow build so far.

Need something on AOC, that usually sparks some outrage.

why would you bring her back up here?

and they call ME obsessed… geeze

I guess Pelosi is done with Trump’s offers.