Trump: GOP members laughed and applauded me trashing Mark Sanford

President man-child strikes again.

Some seem to have a different recollection of events :thinking:

Add another one :laughing:.

As I said in another thread. Any 1 l or 5 of them could have stood up and rebuked him, but these pack of ball-less imbeciles sat there like cowards.


November can’t come soon enough.

“Muted booing” is a pretty good description of former supposedly staunch conservatives in the Trump era :grin:.

They applauded and laughed. LOUDLY AND BIGLY.

Many, many people on Fox & Friends have said so.


What’s the point though? Let him rant like a spoiled child.

I’d much rather Justin Amash and others call him a liar on Twitter. Seriously.

id rather they do they job as part of a quo-equal branch and stand up to him. Stop the judicial nominees until he stop bashing other congressman or lying his ass off on twitter. put some fire at the feet of Pruitt Devos and Ross about their action by bringing them to answer for their corruption …you know their job as opposed to just tweeting

And another one.

It really is quite remarkable the ■■■■ he will lie about.

Who would brag about a specific laugh they got even if it was true?

Donald’s the sort that needs to remind people that hey, he’s kind of a bigly deal.

people who are not funny but have been told they are the next Richard Pryor all their lives by flunkies[


Also, this detail from the Hill story:

At the Tuesday night meeting on immigration, Trump asked if Sanford was in attendance before calling him a “nasty guy.”

LOL. So Trump asks if he’s there (Sanford was not). And then Trump trashes him. What a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ move.


Someone with a massive insecurity issues. He probably turned out this way because women have laughed at his wee wee.

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Same kinda guy who’d say this after winning the ■■■■■■■ Presidency:

Which reminds me:

So Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, who’s dad was a news anchor and US ambassador, and whose stepmom is an heir to the Swanson frozen food fortune, who went to St. George’s boarding school in RI and Trinity College in CT, a guy who’s led a life of affluence and well-connectedness goes on TV (where he seems to have had a job since he was about 12) and rails about the “ruling class.” I know it’s been said, many times and many ways, but ■■■■ Tucker Carlson.


Saw that. Thanks for the succinct wrap-up.

Who does this piece of garbage think is the ruling class, other than Donnie Dip ■■■■ and the GOP Congress?

A despicable human being. Like all the other trump sycophants.

I saw the rally, it was surreal. These idiots are all in on the con. There was a guy in the front holding up a picture, apparently the orange idiot didn’t like it and then told security to “get him out”. As he was being led off, trump the idiot said “go back to mommy”.
This pile of trash has no class.

Lil’ Tuckey’s in his own special basket.

Unreal, isn’t it?