Trump going after Jeff Bezos again

Fat donald cannot stop. He’s so addicted to Bezos that it makes me wonder if he was in cahoots with the National Enquirer blackmailing scheme.

Trump’s got BDS.

From the guy who has been holding hands with Fox.

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I’d be overjoyed if the guy who has been chanting to lock his political opponents gets locked up himself.

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Trump is such a child he cannot help but reveal his immense jealousy of Bezos.

Bezos is what trump wishes he could be. Self made and MEGA RICH. Trump is neither.


Robert Mueller: “Hold my beer.”

This sort of personal attack used to be beneath a President but not president Trump.

It also used to be called out by conservatives if the President went after an individual like this. Now it is cheered.

So is Jeff Bezos only bad when Trump disagrees with him?

Because he’s a job-creating hero when AOC disagrees with him.


The irony of reminiscing on when we had prestigious media outlets when the POTUS used to be occupied by prestigious people.

Remember when obama went after CEOs of companies…


Remember when Trump said he was going to be a president for ALL Americans?




He is the president for all Americans. He just hasn’t got us all walking in lock step yet.

I wonder if he has shirts. Obama had brown shirts for all his followers. I know that cuz I read it here.

Along those lines, here’s a tweet from today:

He doesn’t care about anyone other than his supporters. The fact that most Americans disapprove of his job performance means nothing. So long as there’s a segment of the population who love him that’s all he cares about. If you’re not a supporter, not only are you a hater, but you’re not even a real American. You’re the enemy. The idea that he would try to bring people together is laughable.

Now now…sounds like someone needs an attitude adjustment!

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Red hats are the new brown shirts.

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Trump acts much the same towards Bloomberg, and likely for the same reason. They started life without a $200k allowance, yet either could buy his “empire” from their couch change.

“Sorry Haters” good grief what a moron.