Trump gives Mexico one year warning

You have a week!

Sir, that’s an incredibly bad idea.

You have a year!

An NFL team should pick him up as a punter; no one punts better than Trump!



Sir…that is even worse. You look impotent now.

An emergency that can wait a year.

He’d just think you mispronounced important.

Nope…I got it exactly right. IM POTENT…What Trump just became. If you are going to give a deadline. STICK TO IT. IF you Make a THREAT, carry it out. Now all Trump has is a history of impotent statements

Gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it
Gonna repeal and replace on day 1
Gonna build a wall with a declaration of emergency
Gonna shut down the border by the end of the week
No, Gonna shut down the border in one year.

Does he think anyone is listening anymore.

Which is funny because one of trumps main selling points was that he was man enough to say “you’re fired!” to peoples faces…


Did you know that the orange of the word “important” is Italian?

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Oranges of things are good to know. But did you mean important or impotent? lol

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Evidently, reality TV isn’t reality. Who knew?

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Uh…it’s not. Having the whole firing scene planned and scripted isn’t real life?

911 what’s your emergency?

I’ve been stabbed! Please get someone here within a year!


I warn you, stop doing that! If you don’t, I’ll warn you again, I tell ya!

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We need Peek here to let us know what frame of reference we need to understand this shows firmness and resolve on Trump’s part.


And he will do it.

Do what?

I think Trump’s just trying to get Coulter’s attention again.

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If you work out the timing it’s right in the Haight of Republican primary season. That’s when he’ll be supposedly doing something about Mexico


Have a bunch of you consumers yet figured out that a lot of the stuff that you’re told in Republican media is not very smart? It’s just to play on your emotions and use you.