Trump gives Mexico one year warning


This guy is so full of hot air I’m not sure why anyone would take him seriously. Trumpcare on Day #1. Then Trumpcare after the 2020 election. Wiping out the dept in a year or two. Then skyrocketing the deficit immediately. Threatening to shut down the border. Then giving them a year.

This dude is a blowhard. I bet the banks could have told us that.

Lol…oooo one year…this like closing the border? ■■■■ off trump

Still holding out hope for that border closing by the end of the week.

Git 'em, Donald!

I was hoping it would be sooner.

I’m sure we’ll find out shortly why this is a really good thing Trump is doing.

Ha ha ha - close the border my ass. Trump is not only a liar, he’s a wimp

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Trump: All talk, no stick.

He’s always been a wimp who used his dad’s money to bully people just like those on this very board.

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Apparently he’s not fond of firing people face to face, either. He usually does it by tweet or has a subordinate do it.


He walks very heavily and carries a very small stick.


Yes, and again, with the massive verbal poker “tell”: “I’ll do it. I don’t play games” he says.

LOL - in other words: “I will never do it. I play games.”


Which is worse Obamas redline or Trump saying he will do it this week then punting it a year?

Once again, the moron-in-chief doesn’t think anything through and just spouts off like the drunk at the end of the bar. Of course the drunk at the end of the bar…is drunk.

What’s the orange moron’s excuse???

He cant govern?

What time are all the radio talk shows, so that we can expect the excuses?


Seen this before.

Find ONE Obama incident…and then compare it to something Trump does habitually.

Obama said you can keep your doctor!(which many people did)

That’s the same as Trump intentionally lying ten-times-a-day every day for years!


Should be done shortly…

Can’t wait to hear them. So we no longer have an emergency at the border?

He’s going senile?