Trump gets his ass handed to him again, this time for $364 Million and a 3 year ban from doing business in New York

Right now I’m wondering how many companies and corporations are considering relocating from NY.
After all, they at any time and at the whims of an overly ambitious elected SA or AG have their businesses hauled into a courtroom then fined an exorbitant sum and barred from doing business?
Who wants to hang around that environment?



You think it’s news to NY businesses that they’ll get punished if they break the law?


These two maybe?



I thought I heard a bunch of crows cawing again. :rofl:

ALL the stops this election season. This is just a warmup. Just wait and see how dystopian the (D)ogs are willing to get. :wink:



That’s kinda funny. You go all full bent that I am wrong, then ask me where the info I have came from proving that you are attempting to deny that which you haven’t even researched.

Another lefty knee jerk.

Oh and the laughing emoji?

Does not substitute for an argument. i know you like to pretend it does but sorry.


I know.

Isn’t it funny how they have been absent all day until judge perv moved up his verdict to get the Georgia debacle off the headlines for the NYT rag


The finding that Trump and Family committed fraud isn;t going anywhere. An appeals Court won’t even review that unless there was absolutely no evidence of the fraud, which there clearly was. It is highly doubtful; that Trump has the $$$ to put up an appeals bond for the ~$350M from this and the ~$90M for the Carroll cases. No bond no appeal. It is equally doubtful that any bondsman will give surety where there is a genuine question of whether they could ultimately recover the money from Trump. No bond, no appeal. It is also highly unlikely that any of the supposedly non victim financial institutions are going to lend the money with his RE as collateral because he no longer has the ability to pledge it since he is barred from holding office with any of his own companies.

So bye bye baby Trump!



Again, dare to dream

Yes, that’s how this all works. You made the (obviously false) claim, it’s your responsibility to attempt to support it. Trying to play the “prove me wrong” game is for children.

I don’t need to do any “research” to know that Judge Engoron’s decisions have been appealled more than 5 times in 20 years.

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That’s right.

Be a good little lefty and make it up as you go along.

But thanks for the admission that you know nothing of which you attempt to speak.

He really gets their panties jostling. They love it, and can’t get enough of it.

They’re all going to have health issues when the withdrawals finally happen. :rofl:



The two tiered justice system has been on full display this week.

Fawn-eee Willis goes into court and lies and cops an attitude…she is celebrated…Trump is condemned for failing to show remorse for a victimless crime that required no remorse. Judge Engoron or whatever his name is, an elected Democrat and Tish James an elected Democrat don’t know squat about real estate evaluation. If ever a signal was being sent to businesses in New York to get out this was it.

Joe Biden runs off with classified documents he has no right to and leaves them scattered around his garage in tattered boxes…he’s too feable to be held accountable…Trump who as president had declassification authority and had them neatly stacked under lock and key under secret service protection gets charged with 30 or 40 crimes.

A fair criminal justice system is a foundational building block of this country…you libs should really quit celebrating its destruction by your own hand.

Someday you might not like getting what you’ve wished for.

I know this forums smart guy lefties will disagree…I don’t care. I’m out have a nice Friday.


The attempts the demotards have made to imprison their political opponenets. Now they are trying to cut off trumps campaign money supply. All of this reeks woth their amxiety of trumps ability to win the election.


Yes, we can all celebrate that the total corruption of the American justice and political systems are on display to the world.

Finally a victory for transparency!

President Biden has officially been declared above the law according the justice department. He could whip out a gun at a debate and shoot Trump dead with zero risk of conviction since he has evectively been declared mentally incompetent by the federal prosecutor.

President Trump is fined hundreds of millions by a smirking judge for an alleged crime with no victims.

Trump’s real crime is challenging powers in Washington.


This asinine case & ruling will be overturned, if not by the NY appellate court, the Supreme Court will overturn it.

I don’t expect fair treatment or a fair trial for President Trump in NY, in DC, or in Fulton County Georgia. :woman_shrugging:


It’s a state case. On what grounds could it be appealed to the Supreme Court?


So in other words, Biden could just say those documents are now declassified and he’s off the hook?

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We know where the info came from and it’s not reality.

Making up number isn’t making an argument. It’s making up numbers

You can’t search every notice of appeal filed in his cases. It’s not something that exists

So whatever research you did is laughable on its face

Hence @TheDoctorIsIn emoji.


It depends on where you look. It is either 2 times in 20 years or 4. All appeals involved permitting issues. Of course, this count does not include the 3 appeals made by Trump’s team regarding this case. All of which were rejected. So it is 4 out of 7 for 205 cases.

These are perfected appeals i am assuming?

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