Trump Fixable Flub vs. Obama Systemic Surrender

In their opinions, true. They seem to have this one supported pretty well, though…think I’d drop it.

If that bothered you, assuming you’re real, then what Trump did yesterday must have you apoplectic. Because make no mistake, what happened yesterday was quite real.

No. Let’s pretend that ONE photo is as they say - not true… He still bowed to the others and the other statements I made in the next post still stand. However, they have zero desire to address it.

OP completely ignoring the wrecking that just occurred, lol

Assuming you’re real, there is a difference between finding something bothering and going apoplectic. Dems have done the later when they might have made a reasonable argument for the first.

There’s no pretending. To deny it is to be completely detached from reality. I couldn’t care less that Obama partook in etiquette gestures with various world leaders. Trump strapped on his knee pads for Putin.

My stupid local con talker and his callers spent 3 hours crying about Obama. Lol.

No, I was not thrilled with his performance. However, just a few days prior he got NATO to pony up how many millions more for defense and went after Germany for their contracts with Russia? The failure of that pipeline will destroy Russia financially.

This whole thing was a setup. The ones with the faux outrage today are the same ones that 1) did not believe the meeting with Putin should not have happened or 2) Are selling their efforts to remove Trump falling at every level… Seriously, did you see yesterday’s meeting the comparison to 9/11, etc?

I am more upset by the collusion between the deep state and the DNC and Clinton in their efforts to rig and then overturn a US election…

You know what else? The media is the very reason I am no long a “Never Trumper.”… and since I’ve given him a fair chance I am very impressed.

Are you referring to $464 million Reagan gave back or $400 million Obama gave back?

Seriously? How long have I been posting here Doug?