Trump Fixable Flub vs. Obama Systemic Surrender

What anti-American behavior from our leaders look like.


Watching the Trumpian mind struggle to preserve itself from being devoured by its deep illogic is both fascinating and terrifying to behold.


Gotta love when false photoshopped images are used to make a ridiculous point.

What does $400 Million cash on pallats to Iran look like?

Obama telling Medved to pass along to Putin that he (Obama) will have more flexibility after the election".

Trying to fix Israels election.

Blaming Bengazi on a video.

The list is endless…

So why does any of this matter? Because the liberals, in their faux outrage, have tried everything they can to overturn this election and systemically dismantle any opportunity for success Trump has.

The left is so butthurt over Trumps win they have made clear they give not one wit about the success fo failure of the US. They want Trump gone no matter the cost.

Liberals, you can’t cry foul one day - when you’ve been rolling in the mud for 10 years.

Snopes? Not credible.


You can sense the desperation in many of them. They are having a conniption fit, because even if they don’t admit it, they know that yesterday was horrific.

Sort of what like happened to Obama?

It is so sad, so comical, so frightening.

Everything that Obama did was bad. I’m not talking about his policies, but how he did what he did. It was all bad, excoriated by Hannity and Rush among others.

Everything Trump does is good. Again, not talking about his policies, but how he does things. The executive orders, the childish tweeting, the insults.

How Rush could call Obama an “arrogant man-child” and Trump a “maverick who won’t take crap from anyone” and think he’s not destroying his credibility is beyond me.


Poe or troll? :thinking:

Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.

I’ver never heard this before. What is a “Poe”?

IN your eyes? So what.

Talk radio must be losing their minds today.

Parody account.

The scary part is what it’s doing to the more sensible posters that held their noses and voted for Trump because they couldn’t vote for Hillary.


Parody account? Meaning what?

Ah yes. … So pointing out Obama’s bowing to the world … including Castro must be a parody…

Of course. Otherwise, you have to find a way to justify and excuse it. So let’s just pretend it’s not real.

Absolutely. And equally fascinating as well. I believe we have reached the beginning of the apex. Where it goes from here is hard to predict though.