Trump finally getting his 4th of July parade

All hail fat donald! Anyone from here attending? I wonder who’s going to foot the bill for this military parade.
The Dept. of the Interior says President Trump’s 4th of July event will include:

  • Marching bands

  • Fife and drum corps

  • Floats

  • Military units

  • Giant balloons

  • Drill teams

  • Remarks from the president

  • and fireworks

America baby.


I wounder if he will wear a nice military uniform.


Since the inauguration isn’t this going to be the first public speech he has given? I wonder how many protesters will show up? This might not be the love fest that his rally’s are.

With heaps of Badges!

We’re having one here too. My 8 year old son will be in it with his new bicycle I am getting him for his birthday. They will be throwing out candy along the way. At the end there will be a bounce house and hot dogs (though you have to pay for the hot dogs).

we have firework and and shutdown downtown for a bloc party, I will eat eating poutine.

One hopes the bike comes with a helmet for him to wear as well.

This is the annual July 4 parade down Constitution Ave that happens every year. Minus the presidential speech. He’s just co-opting it because of his ego, but honestly it happens all the time. There are usually about 500,000 people who attend the annual fireworks show, so bookmark this page when he claims everyone came out for him.