Trump feels "badly" for Anthony Acosta, doesn't mention the victims

With pressure being put on Alexander Acosta, Trump Administration Secretary of Labor to resign because of his handling of the Florida case against Jeffrey Epstein illegally violated the rights of Epstein’s victims, Donald Trump said the following yesterday.

(From the cited article: "Mr. Trump, in remarks while he met with the emir of Qatar, said on Tuesday that he felt “badly” for Mr. Acosta and praised him as “an excellent secretary of labor.”)

In contrast, Mr. Trump said nothing about the young women whom Epstein abused and whose rights Acosta violated.

It is good to see where the President’s sympathies lie, and don’t lie. In the elections since 2016, there has been a marked shift in both the turnout and Democratic leanings of women voters. Anyone wonder why?

The bonus for the sociopath is he gets to put another ‘acting’ in his place, thus circumventing congress yet again and further cementing his dictatorial hold on the office.


bill clinton didn’t mention the victims either.

Seriously though. Do you people actually want trump running the entire government by himself??

con men don’t care about victims.

Deflection much!

Clinton denied allegations women made against him. Trump denies allegations women make against him and then insults their appearance.

When did Clinton have a Cabinet Member accused of violating the rights of a pedophile? That’s the analogous situation.

“Clinton” is not the universal excuse for every moral failing.

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No mention of victims at all.

bill clinton always blamed the victims of his sex asaaults. His wife blamed them too.

Unbelievable how quickly the goal posts moved to Clinton.

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And no mention of sympathy for anyone. Not at all equivalent.

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Have to change the topic since there is nothing to be said for Trump.

Man, that Acosta presser was bad.

Sometimes this mans optics is mind numbing…

And then his supporters just accept it…


Maybe one of these days a guy who last ran for office almost a quarter century ago won’t be living rent free in your head and we can actually discuss the problems of today.

My sole point was that at the point where Trump was expressing his sympathy for Acosta, he had a perfect opportunity to talk sympathetically about the victims and how it is important that they have a full and fair opportunity to seek justice. This isn’t really hard to figure out.

The problems of today?? I’ve seen a trump quote from 2002, and a case that was settled in 2009 by prosecutors who aren’t the current Labor Secretary.

Glad to know we’re discussing “the problems of today”.

I know…

Donald Trump is President…today.
Alexander Acosta is a member of the cabinet…today.

Epstein was allowed to remain relatively free to continue preying on children thanks in part to the sweetheart deal given to him by Acosta…a man Trump continues to defend.

I takes a special gall for the person who brought up Bill Clinton’s activities in the previous century to then insist we should focus on the “problems of today.”

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You should try reading that again. Then you can keep your outrage in the bottle.

What an out rage. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I also remember when Trump didn’t have any words of empathy for the victims of Kavanaugh’s abuse, either. I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

Where’s his SecDef?