Trump Doubles Down on Attacking “Dangerous and Sick” Journalists: “They Can Also Cause War!”

that rambling is a classic Political move done throughout the ages.naturally you wouldnt get that

The trouble is this type of rhetoric is leading to some people acting very unhinged.

You may have heard Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens were surrounded by a crazy leftist mob as they were eating breakfast. They required police help to get out of the area.

A guy was arrested last week for threatening the children of two GOP reps, one of whom was Steve Scalise.

Journalists are getting death threats.

I get more and more nostalgic for the 80s all the time, when both parties worked together and we didn’t have all this hate.

Google “Yellow Journalism and Spanish American War”. Of course that’s just the one where it is generally conceded that the papers were a major factor in starting the war.
If papers had been more critical before the invasion of Iraq instead of after the invasion of Iraq, that may have had more trouble getting started.

So it’s liberals fault 45 is deranged?