Trump discusses firing Fed chairman after latest rate increase

Good lord, he is losing it…

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That’ll be sure to calm down the markets…

Politicising monetary policy when the economy is on the way to a recession and the stock markets are shaky as ■■■■■ that’s a Trump move if ever I’ve seen one.


Sounds like a good idea to me. If Trump is for it, then so am I.

25th amendment. Time for fat donald to resign.


I hope he does. It’s fantastic watching Donald destroy the Republican Party single handily.

Maybe he should fire himself.

That would be the best solution.


Just this one part for a question.

Does is show incompentence to raise rates when – as you say – the economy is on the way to a recession?

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Libs want to blame Trump for the dropping market, when in reality much of it is due to the rising interest rates.


I don’t know. I’m not an expert. Are there other considerations factored into the decision?

For the FED to raise rates?

If as – as the post I quotet – the economy is already headed down and expected to go into a recession, would it make sense to help that along and raise rates?

That’s why I ask that particular poster if it shows incompentence.

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You’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for unbiased monetary analysis.

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Somehow someone is leaving out the massive trade war out of this equation.

Why is that?

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So with the trade war – your saying it was a good idea for the FED to raise rates?

I wonder if they even mention the trade war ramifications over at fox. It’s at least possible that some people just are not aware of the facts.

Wait, I have been told repeatedly we are in a record economy, even the last few weeks…

With full unemployment and robust Economy the thing for the Fed to do is raise rates.

Econ 101.

Starting a trade war is stupid.

Also Econ 101.


Incompetence of the entire board that voted to raise the federal funds rate? There were 10 votes for, zero against…

I’m not an economist.

Seems like most economists aren’t protesting the behavior of the fed though, does it.

Maybe they know something that Trump doesn’t. Like how the economy works.

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What is being argued here is that the great Trump economy cannot withstand interest rates of 2.5%… which is bonkers.

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Why did Trump hire Powell as Fed Chair?

One does have to wonder why Trump wants to fire all the people he hires.

Maybe it’s best for the country if Trump takes over every position in the Federal govt. It would save some money, too. Win win!