Trump disapproval rating at all time high amid shutdown

A new poll finds that Trump’s disapproval rate is now at an all time high of 57%, with 40% of those surveyed saying they approve of Trump’s job performance. Another statistic of note is that 49% of respondents oppose construction of the wall, while 43% support it. The majority of those polled also blamed either Trump or republicans overall for the shutdown.

Overall, not very good numbers for Trump and the republicans these days. Personally, these numbers are close to what I was expecting. I am a bit surprised Trump is doing as well as he is. It’s going to be interesting seeing how these numbers change as this shutdown progresses.


In before fake news chants

The numbers are consistent with Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Approval polling data.

Gee, same as it was on this day, last year.

It has become a one-issue presidency.

Trump has no father to bail him out any more. This focus may be a real problem for him.

The man, if anything, is consistently awful.

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If he caves, it would get much worse. In the meantime, as the sexual assaults of Hispanic women continue, drugs streaming through the Southern Border, and his potential candidates who will be opponents, want to continue these type of policies, and support the demolition of ICE, he’ll look great by comparison. His opponents would look great on explaining why they oppose Kate’s law.

Yep, they think the measly few points of approval he lost for the shutdown is bad, he’ll take a double digit hit if/when he caves.

Interesting support for the wall is up.

American voters oppose building a wall on the Mexican border 54 - 43 percent and say 54 - 44 percent the wall is not necessary to improve border security, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll released today.

This is the highest level of support for the wall since the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN- uh-pe-ack) University National Poll first asked the question in November 2016.

So it went from 58-38 to 53-34. 20 point lead against it, now down to 9 points. Also, I saw that 7 percent against it would support it if it broke the gridlock. So that would make 50% for it. Also they are using the word ‘wall’ it would probably increase even more if they just talked about some physical barriers, like steel slats so you could see through. ,

Who is going to stop supporting him if he caves?

Nonsense. His supporters, like you, are dug in to the bitter end. And it will be bitter.

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Not many.

If he caves, your average conservative is not going to start supporting sanctuary cities, identity politics, tax increases, racializing everything, heavy government regulations, or opposition to Israel. This is just one issue. If the President gives in, that still does not present us with a viable second option. So yes, we will go with are best one. The President.

Quinnipiac in December was 54-43 percent on the wall.

Quinnipiac in January was 55-43 percent on the wall.

So it didn’t go from 58-38 (20 points) to 53-34 (19 points, not 9 points). It went up by a point.

Trump’s core appeal is racism and xenophobia. He can fail at everything and will never lose the core base, which is all about that. As long as he continues to spew anti-immigrant and racist garbage, he’ll have a solid 30%. And as long as 75-100% of that group votes, he’ll remain in power. The apathetic majority is ruled by a loud and politically active fringe.

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I see your point about Trump’s becoming a one-issue Presidency but I wonder whether Trump’s actions have been smart. One thing that has been consistent starting with his Presidential run is that Donald Trump is a master at controlling the agenda – everything is always focused on what he is doing.

When the Democrats won the House in November, they set out an ambitious set of bills they intended to pass, both to set an issues agenda for the 2020 race and to force Senate Republicans to vote against (or simply table) popular measures. This was supposed to start with a massive Campaign Finance and Ethics Reform and would include a minimum wage increase, a people to force Congressmen to pay sexual harassment settlements from personal funds rather than the Treasury.

By forcing this fight, Trump has focused all attention on his goal (the Wall) and the month of January is passing with no attention paid to the Democratic agenda.

That’s why I see this aspect as a potential victory for Trump, only marred by the fact that he has staked his position on issues that don’t have broad customer support. Still, he has the Democratic agenda in check.

That’s what I thought you’d say and largely I agree.

Although I start to wonder how much failure he can have without either deciding to not run for reeelction or maybe face a viable primary opponent.

Da polls, da polls…Hillary is going to win. Wrong! Now…build the wall.

The timing of all this is noteworthy as well. He had republican control of both the House and the Senate for two years, up until a few short weeks ago. He could have gotten them to pass money for his wall at any point during that time. Sure, he might have still had to fight for it, but it would have been easier.

Instead, he chose now to dig his heels in the sand - when he knew it was much less likely (if not impossible) for him to get funding from Congress. He knows he likely won’t get the funding, but he has other reasons for digging in his heels at this time.

The American people don’t want a wall. You don’t need a poll to tell you that.

Hey, as long as he gets Mexico to pay for it before (or as) he builds it, AS HE PROMISED HE WOULD DO, I say let him have it. I don’t agree with shutting down the US government for something that Mexico is suppose to be paying for per Donald Trump’s campaign promise.