Trump disapproval at all time high

A new poll finds that Trump’s job approval rating has hit an all time high of 60%, with 39% approving of his job performance. Approval for the economy was a bit higher at 45%.

Also noted in the poll was that 49% now think that Congress should begin impeachment proceedings. While such proceedings should be based on high crimes and misdemeanors, I still found that statistic kind of interesting.

Here is the full story:

Fake news.

What do I win for being first to say it?

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A nothing burger!

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Polls don’t matter!

Nearly 6 in 10 American women believe we should begin the process of impeaching the President.

Let that sink in.

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Here is your prize…

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That poll actually is 36% approval, not 39.

Rasmussen has him at 48% approval, which means since it can be rounded up to 50, it can be considered a valid poll. If it drops below 45%, then it’s #FakeNews until it gets back up.

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Rasmussen just calls land lines. How many people under 60 years old have land lines?

This seems relevant

This poll is especially interesting to me because it tells me first that independents care and, second, it begins to zero in on the actual percentage of Trump’s shoot-me-in-the-face-and-l’ll-pretend-it-didn’t-happen base.

a trump supporter I was arguing with on twitter made this exact argument. also, I was informed that Democrats control all the polls so just add 10 points to everything for trump and it will be the “actual truth”

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Add 10 points to that ABC poll and he’s STILL underwater.

The ones that love America.

I’ll never forget the whole “” fiasco from 2012. I was a lurker here around that time. Even my dad fell for that hoax.


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Oh, yeah. That guy. There were so many around here who were in the bag for that guy.

A week after his claims were shown to be half-baked, it was as if the whole thing never existed, much how some folks on the right treat their failed presidential candidates.

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Alrighty then…let’s seriously examine this…there’s Madonna, Miley, Rosie, Kathy Griffin, Whoopie…:rofl:

That is probably one of my top 3 all time favorite Hannity threads. That and $7 gas were priceless!!


Yeah… that’s what I want … a POPULAR leader.