Trump Claims ‘Unknown Middle Easterners’ Are in Caravan of Migrants

As usual claims with no proof but that makes no difference base where any dog whistle about ‘Middle Easterners’ is heard loud and clear. “unknown Middle Easterners” that he suggested are traveling among the migrant families though it has not proven to be a significant problem over the years. And there have not been any instances of attempted terrorism plots by people from Middle Eastern countries who illegally crossed the southern border. But why let facts get in the way brown skinned hysteria.

And of course there’s the usual accusation of '‘criminals’. Let’s not forget the oldies but goodies.

Unlike you he may actually know who is in the caravan. He has direct access to the best intelligence system in the world and they most certainly are monitoring who is there.

Several criminals have been identified in the group including at least one who was just released and deported less than six months ago.

The guy admittedly has been deported six times already and is on his way back to Alabama where he now calls “Home”.

That’s at least 5 felonies. If he makes it back across the border this time, it will be number 6.

This is going to be hilarious before it’s over.

Got a link.

Middle easterners? You mean white people?

If they have been arrested there are records of the arrest and their status even in Central and South America.

Last year they even got electricity and light.

US intel and LEO’s have access to their records as well.

You’ll have to ask Trump…but I seriously doubt that’s what he means. That’s not what scares the base.

He also said Californians are rioting. Where are the riots?

If you don’t have a link shall I assume you’re making it up like Trump does?.


Funny… you thought middle easterners were something other than the white race?
Do you have a high school education? Just askin.

His base -which includes me - is not afraid of brown skin… or olive skin, like my own, or any color of skin. You have been lied to.

I’m not making anything up. If they have been arrested there are records and the US has intenaitonal agreements for sharing of LEO and Intel with all of those countries, it’s part of what we get for our foreign aid dollars.

No, this is more like Trump’s M.O.:
This is what his base will eat up.


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They buy it hook, line, and sinker without a thought.

Pirates of the Caribbean?

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You’re still offering no independent proof. It looks made-up to me.

Trumpflakes will eat it all up

This reminds me of the Cruz hailey thread…that was a classic…

exclusive footage of trump meeting the caravan!


LOL at anyone who believes Middle Easterners are part of the migrants from Central America.

So many people so easily duped.

Trump is feeding them the mindless fear they want to believe.

Just what "independent proof: is it you lack?

We have access to all of it, if they have been arrested and identified as terrorists it can be verified.

Not only could Ford’s claims be verivied in any way, the witnesses she claimed could do so said the could not.

There wasn’t even a possibility of verifying any of her claims period.

That’s the difference.