Trump Claims China Hacked Hillary’s Emails


Reportedly Hillary gave Freddie Mercury AIDS.

Fat donald spewing ■■■■ he can’t back up.

“two sources briefed on the matter told The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

anonymous sources. fake news.

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Remember the times fat donald accused Obama of wiretapping him?

The Justice Department confirmed in a court filing there is no evidence that Trump Tower was targeted for surveillance by the Obama administration — contradicting President Trump’s controversial claim first made in March

Source came from Lanny Davis?

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Are these the same anonymous sources that told the Daily Caller that Mueller was giving immunity to Tony Podesta to testify against Manafort in the trial that just concluded? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Trump is simply citing news articles. He isn’t the source.

What’s funny is that there are a small handful of outlets reporting the story and a whole bunch of MSM outlets ridiculing Trump about the story, as are Trump-haters in this forum.

Kind of supports my LW talking points argument and where those LW talking points come from.

Agreed. If the story is true, and before or during the election campaign, the Obama DoJ knew that Hilary’s emails were indeed compromised in this way, then there will be hell to pay.

Of course, if this is true, I expect to see a barely perceptible eye roll from the progressive liberal, Hilary sycophants on this forum.

Interesting how even though there is ZERO evidence Trump engaged in any collusion, the libs here think it deserves a special counsel to perform a criminal investigation.

But knowing beyond doubt that a grossly negligent Hilary Clinton used a private email account which was not authorized and not properly secure, and they have no interest. Not, even if the Chinese hacked into her email and saw her SECSTATE email traffic in real time.


What I find interesting is the lack of interest on this topic from LIBs. Other than ridiculing Trump, for a story that didn’t originate with him, there is utter silence.

This is a bombshell, only adding to the Obama administration corruption and interference of Trump’s campaign.

It ain’t going away folks, despite the MSM trying hard to squash it.

The story is Trump mentioning this story, not the story itself. Is the mainstream media even going to bother engaging in investigative journalism to entertain the notion, or even the possibility that this story may be true.

I’ve been saying for some time that the LW MSM is simply the mouthpiece for the DEM party.

Original source: anonymous sources in a Daily Caller article.

remember the bombshell of Trump claiming Obama illegally wiretapped him?

You know who else is going bat ■■■■ crazy over this tweet? Qanon nutjobs.


Playing the devil’s advocate, I do understand why there will always be some people who will offer dismissing comments to a sensation story like this. It’s because we have seen so much fake news, and so many over-played hands with other news stories similar to this, which turned out to be a shadow of all their hype.


but how will you make hot pockets

Or maybe we’re dismissing it because it came from Daily Caller, a site that encouraged people to run down protestors with their cars (until it actually happened), and had been caught it numerous lies before.

If the WSJ broke this, I’d be inclined to beleive it. But right now our sources are a crank right wing website known for lies, and a crank President known for lies.


I am mistaken, you are correct.

Anonymous sources and leaked information are good now, I suppose.

Regardless, this contradicts everything in the IG report. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

Fun to watch the trump ass kissers defend their lord…