Trump Campaign Lawyer Comically Filed Election Lawsuit in Court That Had No Authority to Hear the Case

Mark F. “Thor” Hearne II comically filed a Michigan related elections case in the United States Court of Federal Claims, which has absolutely zero jurisdiction to hear such cases. The Court of Federal Claims hears cases regarding monetary claims against the United States as well as hearing contract disputes in cases in which the United States is a party. It definitely does NOT hear any election related cases, regardless of venue.

He then pathetically tried to blame the mistake on PACER.

All I can say about “Thor” is that least he is not a Cooley Law graduate.



Washington University in St. Louis, right?

He’s argued in front of the SCOTUS, right?

Looks like he got out of his lane.

Only the best…

Its weird how Trumpists have stuck fast to this myth for 4 years. Anyone who did not work out or failed to be lock step in line with Trump was not Trumps fault but someone else.

For 4 years they have made excuses and pivoted for Trump, even now when he concedes it will not be his fauly nor will it be that he lost but somehow the GOP never gave him enough support or the lawyers were working aginst him.

Still billable time…

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Will his client even know?

He hasn’t moved but once in a week.

Trump wont be paying… his followers will…

Was this lawyer from the firm Dewey, Cheatem & Howe?

Eugene Robinson was on the tube tonight. He said that he wrote a article today that said how the Trump campaign lawyers were getting laughed out of court. He said that he had to clarify that statement. He said that the Judge’s were not amused.

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Not sure what everyone will talk about once Trump is gone, maybe politics being boring is a good thing will see. I think the media will take the biggest hit from his departure unless we get face-planted into a new war.

What was this particular suit about?

Has it been dismissed from this court?

Dont know, dont care. Like pretty much every other case that Trumps top legal team have tried to fight in court I doubt this will be the one to prove fraud of a massive scale.


Just wondering, because you care so much can you remind me of the wins Trump has had in proving this coordinated conspiracy to defraud him from rightful second term?

Just the one in Pennsylvania so far as I know.

Haven’t been following the lawsuits too closely right now.

That’s why I asked about the disposition of the one this thread is about. It wasn’t mentioned in the article or any commentary thus far.

Lmao okay.

Which fraud case did Trump “win” in Pennsylvania?

The only case I’m aware of wasn’t a fraud case, it was about allowing Poll Watchers that were already in the room to be allow to move closer to the counting tables. The Judge ruled they could move up to 6ft as long as they did not interfere with the counting and complied with COVID-19 and other restrictions not to interfere.

I saw his post on Twitter yesterday claiming the ECF automatically filed in that court. Also saw Mark Zaid’s response.
Comical is a good description.