Trump calls out Pfizer for Raising Prices

Hey look! I agree with Trump about something!

Now what’s he going to do about it?

I bet you’d like to find out.

Doesn’t Trump understand this is the opposite of what Rush and Hannity have been preaching for years!!! All the money big Pharma loses during product development, drug trials and patenting, pharmaceutical companies have the right to rape the consumer with with higher drug prices! Free markets always work, right?

Now nobody can say I hate everything Trump does. Mr. President, do something and make America great again.

He already did. He sent out a mean tweet. What more do you want?


Well obviously it’s not for no reason though. Pfizer makes more money. If the drug costs too much for you you should just go without, like a TV or xbox.

Look, Trumps having to decide between buying dog food or purchasing his viagra for the month!

Sounds like a socialist to me!

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Only, dems could bash a guy for wanting lower drug prices.

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Naw, if it cost a million a pill the govt should still buy it for everyone. Just raise taxes and insurance costs for the youth.

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in that case, make it a billion a pill

Maybe the free markets should decide instead of a DICTATOR!


Lmao I wonder if we will Hannity, Rush and Trump supporters lambast the President for doing this. I thought you guys were all about the free market.

Only a couple minutes ago cratic was pishimg the propaganda that trump loves free markets…

And now he is here pushing the propaganda that trump hates feee markets…

Trumpflakes have a lie to cover every action trump does…

Europe is messing up the free market. That’s his point. What’s the dems solution?

When republican media harps on welfare queens and Hillary is Satan and Libs are un-American and illegals are disease ridden and non whites will soon outnumber whites (sometimes for thirty years) they can ignore the peripheral stuff like the national debt or free markets or acting like a Christian. That’s only stuff to get elected anyway.

He made a phone call to the CEO who immediately cancelled the price increases.

“What kind of magic wand does he have?” “What’s he going to do? Make a phone call?”

Only Donald can solve this. He’s going to make a more efficient erection pill, at half the cost.

And he’ll make Pfizer pay for it. It’ll be called the MEGA.

#MakeErectionsGreatAgain :us: