Trump calls latest polls "fake news". Says he is leading in every state

I think that as the Democratic field leans out his numbers are going to get worse. This is a completely different situation then in 2015/2016. Trump is now a known quantity. And I believe his playbook of attacking with childish names is wearing thin. A lot of the Democrat candidate hopefuls are just now rolling out their platforms. I will be interesting to see what Trump does regarding this. It is going to be difficult for him to simply say, well I didn’t do it in four years so I really need four more. Film at eleven.


I heard the President on the radio today claim that people are saying his speech in Poland was the best speech ever given by a President in Europe.

Winning all around… people are sayin’.

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Fat donald has a record now, that he can’t get away from.

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If he does lose in 2020, things are going to be… interesting.

Donald’s Inauguration crowd was the bigliest in the history of probably, like, ever.

Donald’s poll numbers would be like 65%, 75%, 95% if the fake news media reported fairly and patriotic Americans could be honest without having to fear lib oppression and lib violence for their support.

Policy, not person
Only lies about unimportant stuff
Clinton and Obama
MAGA :us:

Donald Trump is pathological liar who is in deep need of psychological help.


And it is being reported that Trump told his staff to lie about the polls showing him trailing Biden.
So it appears that he really does believe the poll numbers.

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“Ich bin ein Berliner”? “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall”?

You’re right. Those guys had nothing!

Rush was saying today that Trump only says this stuff because it triggers dems.

Like so many Trump supporters, Rush doesn’t acknowledge that Trump doesn’t do this self-aggrandizement because he can, he does it because he can’t stop himself.

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ahh polls…

now they’re accurate


how in the world would he get that idea?

armchair psychologists.

you think he will?

i wont deem this a prediction btw

I got my degree from the same place republicans got their medical degree to diagnose Terry Schiavo.


Known quantity. Exactly. And all the lies about economic collapse, supporting only the rich, world war 3, Nazi concentration camps, etc have been proven false. No one will fall for them again.

They put arms on these things?


They said that last time too, in fact CBS had Hillary 12 pts ahead just 10 days before the election. :smile:


wow now that’s what you call a deflection


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No, that’s for the common man. But Trumps does.

It’s not a deflection. Donald Trump is pathological liar who is in deep need of psychological help.