Trump boggles again!

(Breitbart) American Workers Thank Trump as Manufacturing Plant Breaks Ground: ‘Me and My Family Are Grateful’

American workers thanked President Trump as a new Foxconn manufacturing plant broke ground in Wisconsin on Thursday. Trump said Foxconn has already contracted more than 25 local Wisconsin construction companies to help build their main facility. Foxconn executives say they will build the factory with American made steel and concrete.

13,000 jobs in one place. A “village” in the sticks near Racine, Wisconsin. Plus, who knows how many more for the initial build and support later?

It boggles the mind! Trumpus KAG keeping his mega promises. Bringing mega biz back to America!

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Heavily subsidized by Wisconsin taxpayers. Wisconsin taxpayers paying 17% of every salary. No other Wisconsin business gets that aid. Why is government financially supporting a private, foreign owned business?

PR. Look how the OP bought in and is drinking the kool aid.

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Wisconsin will break even on the deal in 25 years.

I was about to ask what he tweeted. Not the direction I thought this thread was going.

Maybe… if the factory isn’t fully automated (or even still around) by then.

Have a link to this? Would like to read up on it.

Please and thank you.

I really hate subsidies to businesses. Got one here in my county shot down for the full subsidy the company wanted. County did agree to a program that helps with roads, fencing, and utility reloction.

pay the company up to $2.85 billion in tax credits — likely in cash — if it creates 13,000 jobs and invests at least $9 billion in a Racine County plant to make liquid crystal displays.

And it looks like if they fall short of 13,000 jobs and/or $9 billion in investment, they won’t get the entire subsidy of 2.8 billion.

13,000 + associated industries appreciate the plant even if the sorostrolls don’t. The other 49 states would have LOVED to get the opportunity and would have been quite happy to subsidize which jes happens to be the way it works in new biz of this magnitude.

No use looking for the snit in the sugarbowl. Downplaying. Puking and retching. The country is WINNING with Trump. Just ax the good men and women in Wisconsin who will have a job.

Or…should they just wait for President Grandmother, the frontrunner for the dems in 2020 to pass out the FREE Soylent Green?

Heavily. LOL. Its ■■■■■■■ corporate welfare at its worse.

"Speaking at a ceremonial groundbreaker for a new Foxconn plant in Wisconsin, President Trump called the new facility “the 8th wonder of the world,” despite the fact that Foxconn has cost the state at least $3.5 billion in tax breaks and grants, according to calculations from Wisconsin’s nonpartisan legislative fiscal bureau.

At that rate it would take the state 25 years to break even on its investment, the bureau calculated. In other words, each job Foxconn has promised to create costs the taxpayers $263,000. The company has said at least 13,000 direct jobs would be created, paying an average of $53,000 a year."

Wisconsin taxpayers are on the hook for 3,500,000,000 bucks.

LOL. glad I dont live in walker land.


Correction Mx. Timer. That would be the other fifty-six states. (According to the beloved despot Obama.)

Ironic, for a party that screams Socialism!!!

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You know something Mx. Guilds… I kinda noticed that myself. UPVOTE!

And capitalism!

And that government shouldn’t be picking winners and losers!

Government needs to get out of the way!

If all goes according to plan. Perfectly.

They always carefully say the jobs will AVERAGE $53,000 per year. We all know how that works.

Will be interesting to see what happens when the cost of a new iPhone doubles.