Trump Biden debate using live Trump and film clips of Biden

I think that Sean should host a Biden Trump debate.With a live Trump answering questions and Film clips of Biden giving answers selected by Sean.

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That would be hysterical. It would force the media to ask real questions. Good first thread!

Great 1st thread. :grin: :+1:t2: :clap: :clap:

Trump would certainly be happy

Sean could just keep asking:
Why are you so awesome?
Liberals hate America. Do you agree?

Jeff Dunham could be the stand in for Joe Biden.

Reverse CNN. Cool.

Why not? Nobody ever believed that “Fair & Balanced” moniker anyway. No need to hide behind it now.

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First welcome Drew.

The moderator can even turn down the sound on the Biden clips so that Trump can continue to appear rude as did in the first debate and Trump can rant by talking over Biden’s time for speaking.

Good idea.

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