TRUMP BEING TRUMP: Watch the President STOP his Motorcade to Greet Firefighters | Sean Hannity

New footage of President Trump suddenly stopping his motorcade to greet American firefighters went viral on social media over the weekend, with the heroic first responders yelling “This is awesome!” as the Commander-in-Chief spontaneously emerged from his limousine.

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Sean how much apple polishing can you do? And for how long? It can only go so far


They yelled “This is awesome” folks. The President of the United State is truly earning the ethos behind his WWE Hall of Fame induction. Everything is good folks. Grandpa is happy so that’s a plus.

If anything makes up for being a neo nazi apologist, it’s stopping for a second to say hi to some firefighters. :us::us:

Maybe he’s sucking up to firefighters for help with his dumpster-fire of an administration.