Trump axes independent stimulus watchdog

So before it even gets started trump replaced the current ig overlooking the stimulus funds. What’s he so afraid of. He replaced him with one of his yes men the ig in charge of the epa. Meanwhile munchin is looking for an additional 250 billion for the small business loans. Why should the democrats give him anything. Obviously he does what he wants and there is no going into any kind of negotiations when there is no level of good will.

Let the looting begin.

One thing he is afraid of is that the SBA loan system dealing with stimulus funds is in total disarray. As someone who has applied to a loan, it is obvious that the Administration was totally unprepared to implement this policy.

You can wing things if Deutsche Bank and Russian creditors are ready to back you up, but winging it through a national crisis… James Buchanan is smiling down on this one. No one else is.

This certainly seems on the up and up.

Corruption is cool…

I would say disappointing, but completely expected. At least the ink had (probably) dried on the stimulus bill. That shows at least some restraint.

…cuz some of those SB owners are Dems?

Its fascinating how even amidst a crisis such as the COVID one, the corrupt nature of Trump and his admin always finds the space to come to the surface. Corruption really is one of the defining characteristics of this admin.
Thankfully, corruption is cool.

I understand what your saying and dont want small business owners hurting but at this point ■■■■ him. Dont give him a dime.

IMHO…“we” should put petty partisanship away…at least until this virus thingy that could so negatively impact our country…is defeated.

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What partisanship? There were negotiations for the first round of money. This was an important issue. He said screw it at the signing. He is not a good faith negotiator. You don’t want an independence agent overseeing over 2 trillion of our dollars?

The supporters of Trump let him get away with stuff that no other President would get away with.

If the above is the best defense they can come up domt know what else to say.

he replaced an IG. so what?

Why would he do this? You dont want 1 man watching over your money? You would rather have one guy watching over 2 agencies? This was the deal he signed then overruled? You dont find this suspicious?

Would that include firing watchdogs because Trump wants petty revenge?

IGs are Deep Staters anyway. Trust Trump! He wears a MAGA hat and hug American flags.