Trump And Pence Visit MLK Memorial on MLK day

Nice of the POTUS and VP to pay tribute, while the dimocrats are busy dividing the country and trying to overthrow the duly-elected president with a bogus impeachment.


Trump visiting this Memorial means he is no longer dividing the country. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

If only Trump and his supporters believed in the ideals of MLK, this visit wouldn’t seem so contrived.

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MLK voted Trump. Prove me wrong.


Must. Make. It. About. Himself. Every. Time.


In the cnn linked article, it says that earlier today kellyann conway said that trump does share many of the ideals and beliefs of dr. king.

Didn’t you read the article?

Are you saying he’s wrong??


What does celebrating MLK have to do with Trump?

I’m saying it’s impossible for him not to make something about himself.

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If you don’t believe that the lowest black unemployment (since dimocrats imposed slave labor on them anyway) is something to celebrate on MLK day, then that’s on you.


He doesn’t… you can’t say that with a straight face. You know how I know he doesnt? There are many civil rights activists still doing go work TODAY with BLM and other organizations. Trump has failed to recognize, or downright trashed, activist following the ideals of MLK. For example… peaceful protesting to shed light on an unjust act or system.

How many cons agree with that?

So you’re saying he’s right.

Got it.

How do you know he doesn’t?

It might be… but it isn’t about Trump. He could have simply said the same thing and left himself out of it.

Answered above.

Weren’t blm and other organizations present in Ferguson as people were burning down a mostly black city??

Because I’ve heard that if you are present around such groups, that might say, burn down a city, then you are just as bad as said groups.


And you’re agreeing he’s a self centered megalomaniac.

Got it.

It’s kind of annoying that Trump has to share his three year anniversary with MLK day but at least they both fight for the same things.

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5 more years.

5 more years.



Nothing. He and the Veep paid homage to Dr. King.
Let the hate mongers sling their excrement.

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