Trump and Christmas services

Don’t you think he should make a point of attending, given everything that is going on? Don’t most Christians attend a Christmas service?

Fat donald ain’t no Christian.

Are they holding services on the golf course? If so, I suspect they may be able to persuade him to join.

If Trumpists were in fits over criticism of Donald not reciting the Nicene Creed at Bush’s funeral (because OMG if you have to READ it you aren’t a real Christian anyways) then I have to imagine they’d rather he not fake his way through a Christmas service.

I seriously doubt 45 is a Christian. Being led to Christ by a heretic of the faith should have drawn a lot of red flags.

45 Spending time in Christmas services???

President Trump and first lady [Melania Trump attended Christmas service at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on Monday night.

The Christmas Eve service, which began at 10 p.m., includes readings from the Holy Scripture, hymns, and choral and instrumental music…

The service is described as “one of most beautiful services of the year” on the cathedral’s website.

Last year, the president and first lady attended a Christmas Eve service at an Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Fla