Trump administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, judge

"Staff members at Shiloh admitted to signing off on medications in lieu of a parent, relative or legal guardian, according to Gee’s ruling. Government officials defended this practice, saying they provided these drugs only on “an emergency basis” when a child’s “extreme psychiatric symptoms” became dangerous.

The judge didn’t buy this explanation, pointing to testimony from children who said they were given pills “every morning and every night.” Officials “could not have possibly” administered medications to children on an emergency basis every day, Gee wrote."

here is a list of the most commonly prescribed psychotropic drugs. if they were getting them every day that just sounds, you know, like not an emergency…


now, i can see where a lot of kids would be freaking about being separated from their parents. maybe they just drugged them to keep them calm?

First you want free healthcare, then you complain when someone gets it

Come on now. We know that some children are better off drugged. Who better to make that choice than the adults who interact with these children every day.

The parents would be the worst people for making such a choice. They’re in jail, and they are not in contact with their children. They don’t know what their kids are going through, and what sort of drugs would help their kids cope the best.

Most of those drugs take days or even weeks before they start to have an effect, they aren’t used in “emergencies”.

The fake news here is pretending it started with Trump. Just like the separating of kids…

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And Trump continued it. And it must stop. It is unworthy of America to abuse children.

Is it abuse to give them those drugs, if the parents say it’s ok?

Build the ■■■■■■■ wall and let’s stop all of this ■■■■■■■■.

It is abuse to rip children from their parents and drug the kids to make them biddable in their prison camp.

I don’t think we should give those drugs to any child, but why does WAPO call doctors “Staff” = fake news.

These are not meds that should be given to children!

Build the wall, keep them out, then they won’t be getting these meds

Almost all of the migrants came through in Texas. How are you going to build a wall on the Rio Grande?

A scared parent searching for a better life ignoring paperwork requirements does not justify child abuse.

It sounds remarkably similar to “if she hadn’t burnt the dinner, I wouldn’t have beaten her.” (Except in this case its “if she hadn’t burnt the dinner, I wouldn’t have beaten her kids”)

In other words, breaking the law and jumping line in front of those who are doing it legally. Why can’t they just do the paperwork?

On the north shore

What good is a wall a half mile from the river going to do?

Not doing the paperwork, jumping lines, how ever you put it, does not excuse child abuse in our name and on our dime.