Trump admin will issue a Rescission request of $15,000,000,000 to congress on Tuesday

It may be a small amount compared to the whole but if it’s waste, why waste it…period?

He wants some of the money to come from CHIP. Proving, once again, the anti-abortionists don’t give a damn about children once they are out of the womb.

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Sure, some is okay of course. But the reality is this is just a political maneuver and not a true attempt to reign in our out of control spending, which is sky rocketing our debt and deficits. It is sickening to see what the GOP is doing fiscally with full control of the government.

well, Trump doesn’t have to worry about money. his kids don’t have to worry about money. he’s not gonna lose one second of sleep worrying about 8.9 million poor kids that need programs like CHIP. he probably just thinks they’re losers.

and just so you’ll know what our spoiled rich kid President wants to cut that poor kids need (while still having his military parade), here are just a few services provided by CHIP…

  • Inpatient and outpatient hospital services
  • Physician’s services
  • Surgical and medical services
  • Laboratory and x-ray services
  • Well-baby and well-child care, including immunizations

Except that I’ve been saying the same for years now about Obama. Ever since the very first thread about him playing golf.

And before that I said the same about Congress.

So, no, not covering for anything. Just consistency.

And I say that as someone who’d rather Trump be doing a lot more that the Left doesn’t like.

I don’t disagree. When it comes to waste, the government budget is a target rich environment.

well, you know, Trump specifically said that he’d be busy working instead of playing golf. so basically just another Trump lie. hell, i’d be a scratch golfer if i played that much. most CEOs would.

Its not even a sincere attempt. Its just a reactionary response to how badly people reacted when they saw 11 zeros behind the number 13 and realized the so called party of fiscal responsibility dreamt it up.

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I agree here as well. So, why then are they not targeting more than this drop in the bucket?

I completely agree. It is totally transparent what they are doing here. Laughable really. And the sad part is that it will work with some in the base.

Do you recall ever reading my explanation of Republican partisanship?

This formed first as the events surrounding men like Jumping Jim Jeffords but is rooted farther back to Clinton’s early days and the subsequent Contract With America. It was further cemented by the events under Obama.

Look up Not So Radical Republicans, Reason magazine, 1998 for some contributing details.

So we’re talking long term consistency here.

The short, short version is that so-called moderate Republicans are spendthrift for many of the same objects that Democrats are BUT for purely partisan reasons they are able to cooperate with conservatives in opposition to a Democrat POTUS. But the reason for that restraint and cooperation goes away under a Republican POTUS, and it would have done so in Trump’s first year but the moderates are so opposed to him that they remained in opposition mode.

In fact, I recall posting at least once, though possibly on another forum, that it couldn’t last, that these same moderates would once again realize Trump is a Republican and though they don’t like him they like spending even more and would once again team up with the ever eager to spend Democrats and go to town.

That’s it. Not complex.

The astonishing thing is that Trump is offering at least some token resistance to them where W never did (not even this, never mind no vetoes till the Congress had been lost).

Now, about the budget … yep, horrific. But then again I loves me a shutdown (imagine the horror on the Left if people learned that the world wouldn’t end?).

Looking forward I can’t wait till the pathological liars and over the top spendthrift loons of the DNC will try to portray themselves as the party of responsibility as they did under W – fun fact: Republicans don’t like spendthrift and hold grudges against Republicans … also they are easily discouraged and tend to have short memories about what happens next. What happens next? Why the Democrats (whose base never gets upset about Democrat spending) show us what REAL spendthrift is like.

That’s always worse.

As they say, you can lead a horse to the trough. In this case the horses actually drink the water the GOP cowboys drunkenly pissed in.

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I can’t answer it my friend. I can only say that in my world, I “squeak”.

That’s because we believe in big government, unlike R’s and C’s - who say they believe in small government but spend like they believe in big government only when they are in charge.

Democrats are consistent. Republicans are hypocrites.

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I remember Marla Maples. I don’t have a high opinion of anyone who runs casinos. That helps set forth a lot of my level of expectations. In fact, not only was my attitude about Trump along the lines of “Beam me up, Scotty” I even joked that based on the way Bloom County ended that write ins for Bill the Cat should go to The Donald.

(I also used to joke about “the The Blacks” in Trump and race threads)

Trump is still much better than Clinton, ignoring her progressivism she’s a woman who was already well versed in the art of pay for play and had the network to hit the ground running in to enrich herself and sell us all out.

Trump, I recall posting, would at least have to learn the ropes of Washington corruption. I needn’t have bothered as the Swamp hates him so much they are out to destroy, out for blood, and would eagerly ruin him and any note worthy supporters. Heck, just talking to one of Trump’s lawyers as Hannity did makes one a target.

So low expectations combined with a healthy dose of the MUCH lesser of evils … yeah, I’m okay-ish for now.

It’s a consistency to be consistently opposed.

Except Republicans are not. They love to spend when they are in charge. See Bush the Second and Trump.

I believe I stated as much in that earlier post.

Me, I’d be an axe weilding maniac if it was up to me. A POTUS takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution … not the accumulated abuses and lawlessness since FDR slimed his way across the national stage.

But you called D’s spendthrifts. That is not correct. We spend because we believe in government programs and that they are good for society.

You mean like having the government pay one or more of the properties you own in order to rent space for you to stay there?

He might as well have walked right into the Fed and said print me some money and put it in this duffel bag.