Trump Admin. violating the law by transferring sensitive nuclear info to Saudis: House Oversight Committee

This is huge. Wonder how much of this is orchestrated by Trump’s good buddies at crazy AMI who are in bed with the Saudis? Thank God for whistleblowers bringing this to light and the real news media for reporting it. More corruption in Trumpland. It just keeps piling on more and more each day.

(Update: Link for the report added at the bottom.)

Something something but Obama something briefcases iof money to iran something FAKE NEWS


It’s impossible to keep up with the criminality inherent to this administration.

The use criminality the way octopuses use ink. There’s so much it just distracts from the other criminality.


If this is as bad as this looks, it is hard for me to believe that Kushner survives this.

Looks like Flynn was one of the ones pushing this.

I hope this isn’t true.

Hey, now we know why our executive branch didn’t care about the killing of one journalist.


Yeah, some people would say … :slight_smile:

Uranium two?


The guy who was the point man for this in the administration was fired in 2017 and then went to go work for Nunes.

It’s the problem Clinton faced. When you aren’t surrounded by a constant train wreck of crime and scandal, the few negative stories about you get talked about so much more. Trump and his people spawn so many new controversies that no single one really takes hold in the public conscience.

Hence “Hillary’s e-mails” taking on a life of it’s own when the Trumps are literally doing the same thing.

Great point. Having a paucity of scandals is actually a weakness if it allows the media to concentrate on one.

Just revised the OP to add a link for the report. Nice start by Elijah Cummings:

Trump and Saudis sitting in a tree…

It’s like a nest of rats.

Crazy thing is - with all the investigations, indictments, and prison sentences surrounding this administration, this doesn’t even surprise me that much.

So reading the report. It’s pretty good.

Flynn was a very bad boy.

Jared Kushner is going to have a good time explaining this.

Here is the report. I suggest you all read it.

You know how the Uranium one thing is really convoluted?

This isn’t.

Sigh…mueller she wrote had this…drop sanctions so the russians could provide the gas to the sauds…
I believe this was all discussed at the Mayflower meetings…eric prince is also involved in this as well.

This is why they went easy and hid with the killing. They wanted to make a deal…becsuse they ■■■■■■■ colluded…which now resulted in at least one mans man’s death…

What the trump supporters say on this is irrelevant…

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Does anyone know what Donald Trump’s unreported commission after money laundering would have been?