Trump admin to challenge district judges

So this is what it has come down to now? He doesnt like how our system is set up and he wants to change it because the baby didnt get his way?

That’s not how a democracy works…that’s not how a republic works…that’s not how the United states works.

This is wrong…the rule…you appeal and go to higher court like everyone else.

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I hope that trump supporters are against this crap because fat donald is not gonna live forever.

Joe Biden has to be jumping for joy.

November 2020 can’t come fast enough.


This happens and then a dem wins…how sad it will be to watch the trump supporters have no legs…

I don’t even know why we have judges. They’re inconvenient to Donald’s plan of making America great. Let’s just get rid of them for the time being. Donald Trump knows what’s legal and what’s illegal, so let’s just defer to his judgement.


You can’t put baby in a corner

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: he’s off the chain!



Low level district judges shouldn’t be deciding national level issues, right or left leaning.


I’m betting you didn’t even read the article in your OP. :roll_eyes:

Working on the principle that a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Trump is correct on this issue.

Even if his reasons and reasoning are incorrect,the conclusion he comes to is correct.

The granting of nationwide injunctions is a recent phenomenon and has only become common in the proceeding decade. There is not a long history nor precedent for such injunctions to issue.

I suggest the following restraint be placed by the Supreme Court upon the district courts.

District Courts in exercising their equity power to enjoin a federal injunction, would be limited in issuing an injunction as to the minimum extent necessary to provide complete relief to the plaintiff or plaintiffs bringing the action or if a class action, complete relief to such members of the class as reside in the district of the judge issuing the injunction. The injunction would follow such plaintiffs as they travel throughout the country, since the district court retains jurisdiction over a resident while he travels.

A District Court would be forbidden to extend an injunction to protect individuals that are not subject to the personal jurisdiction of that District Court.

This has been the long standing practice since 1789 until very recently.

It allowed legal issues to percolate in multiple courts, before finally being decided by the Supreme Court.

Nationwide injunctions are not healthy to the orderly development of judicial precedent and they should be ended.


Freakin’ BRILLIANT post!!!

He’s learning. :wink:

I know it’s only May, but I’m nominating this for Post of the Year.

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Seem to have worked just fine. The stop it…it goes up the chain…process.

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Pwned or what ever it is.

I think the opposite is true. The practice since 1789 to fairly recently has produced and has been conducive to an orderly development of the law.


“Orderly development of the law”!

Damn that’s some good talkin’ there!

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