Trump 2024 MAGA

Trump should run as a Dem in 2024. 4 plank platform:

America First
Platinum Plan
Citizenship for DACA

I should start a new thread but…who will be Trumps VP?

I’m guessing Noem.

Good question.


trump isnt going to run again

but that would be hilarious if he ran as a dem


Or that Hawaiian girl, what’s her name?


Gabbard. Nah.

I’m thinking Noem or if Trump wants to go full MAGA then Boebert or Greene.

Noem would be a smart choice actually.

Has to be a dem.

How come?

Trump should run as an independent and finally make a third party viable.

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Pro choice like he is.

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He"s running as a dem. Tulsi.

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He is? Ok.

Read the OP.

Noem hits the trifecta of appearing sane, she’s pretty and she is MAGAlicious.

That’s my bet.

Need some energy production, finish the wall in red states, and trade deals.

I would be good with it.

I really don’t want Trump back but just can’t help thinking how entertaining it would be to watch the lefts reaction to it.

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Right now I am betting he will run for sure and he’ll be GOP nominee for sure

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We were prosperous and respected by our enemies during Trump.


Too bad he couldn’t be even remotely civil.


Xi, Kim and Putin showed zero respect. Which enemies are you talking about?