TRUE PATRIOTS: NFL Fan Helps Disabled Man STAND During National Anthem | Sean Hannity

One patriotic football fan touched hearts across the country Sunday night, when an image of a New Orleans Saints supporter helping a “disabled Giants fan” stand during the national anthem went viral on social media.

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Good. He has a choice and made the choice to stand. But we know that the Far Right isn’t a fan of CHOICE.


I thought true patriots didn’t watch football anymore.


So he’s only a true patriot if he stands? Didn’t know that.



I thought the NFL stands were empty because of the backlash against outrageous NFL players trying to bring attention to bad cops in America hurting or killing people?

I especially thought patriotic fans were boycotting the NFL?

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Wait - I heard true patriots weren’t supporting the NFL any longer…

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Boy…just when you thought Right Wingers were all on the same page…they toss a chaos grenade at you!

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Apparently, they were opposed to the NFL before they supported the NFL … or something like that…


What was down is now up what was up is now down.

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Cool story…As Americans we have the right to stand for the anthem along with having the right to protest by kneeling.

God bless America and its true patriots who want freedom for all and respect the rights of others no matter if one agrees or protest.

These articles do not in any way resemble propaganda.

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