True or false. Government dictating to private organizations is fascist

I say true. Fascism permits private ownership but not necessarily private management, correct?

Depends on what they are dictating. If they dictate you must pay your taxes no, if they dictate who you must allow in your home or business yes.

The topic is far too broad for a simple yes/no answer.

How about dictating how much your business is allowed to charge?

I would consider that improper and an overreach of gov’t.

You read into things that aren’t being said. You did the same thing in the other thread.

No I’m not, I was in the wrong thread so I edited.

Telling an owner of an apartment how much they can charge for the use of their property is an example of fascism.

That would depend on the circumstances.

If your apartment building is under contract to provide housing for the under privileged you enter into that contract voluntarily.

Again, far too broad.

The city that I crew up in . . . both the City and County now requires any new housing development (apartment or ownership) to have a set percentage of “low income” units. You don’t provide the low income units, they don’t approve your development.

In my mind, someone is going to sue the asses off the politicians there under the takings clause because they are taking a portion of the land without any compensation.

Rent control is ingrained in Democratic commitments. It’s bad policy, it’s counterproductive, it’s non-freedom and it’s fascist.

Arguably it’s more socialist. Fascism is a close working relationship between business, industry, and gov’t, socialism and communism seek to control all aspects of the economy while fascism leaves a lot more freedom available to the public and operators.

No. I am a provider of low income housing for people with developmental disabilities. We purchase these buildings with extremely low or no interest loans from HUD and in exchange we are bound to charge their rental prices for 15 years. That’s not racism. That is the federal government making it affordable for my agency to buy buildings and charge 800 dollars a month for a two bedroom apt in a very good neighborhood, where that same none HUD apartment would cost 1400 a month. Plus utilities. Our price includes utilities. Because of this we provide affordable housing for people very limited in their income. The government sets the prices…


Does socialism allow for the individual ownership of business?

That’s different. As a private person, you voluntarily entered into such an arrangement.

How would you feel about the government telling you how much you can charge to rent your own home?

In the textbooks no but in practice yes. Ownership is irrelevant when the gov’t exerts full or near full control.

By avoiding ownership the gov’t just skirts the responsibilities of ownership and makes even more demands on the owner.

Would it be accurate to say that both ideologies, socialism and fascism, permit for government management of private industry?

Yes, socialism though much more control whereas fascism was generally more cooperative in nature rather than dictatorial.

I understand that China allows for private ownership, something that I don’t believe they did years ago. I further understand that private industry there can be dictated to. I understand that Italy and Germany, during their fascist/Nazi years, did the same. Could what the Chinese are doing be described as fascism?

Then no…the government can’t tell me what to charge to rent my home. Me and the market decide that.

What’s your point in all this?

They are allowing more private ownership but unless something has changed the gov’t maintains at least 51% controlling interest in all business/industry in the country.

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