TRUE COLORS: Sen. Harris Refers to Kavanaugh’s US Constitution as ‘That Book You Carry’

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Sen. Kamala Harris escalated her all-out war against Judge Brett Kavanaugh this week; viciously referring to his pocket-sized US constitution as “that book that you carry” during a heated exchange.

The firebrand senator unloaded on President Trump’s pick to join the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill, asking the potential justice which “rights” he’d like to have removed from the US Constitution.

“These are rights protected by the Constitution even if they’re not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. So, they’re not in that book that you carry," said Harris.

“Which of the rights that I just mentioned do you want to put an end to or roll back?" asked the Senator.

In her defense, she’s probably never read it.

And to think she is best and brightest that libs have?