Trudy Rubin: Trump’s delusions on Syria prove he is a danger to American Security

This is a column in my paper today. I have been reading her columns for years, she is very knowledgeable about the complexities of the Middle East. She was harsh on Barack Obama. She is no partisan. Among her points:

"The president has spouted uninformed, untrue nonsense about the Kurds, about Syria and Turkey, about the role of the U.S. military or the strategic consequences of his sudden retreat from Syria.

This disconnect from reality makes him easy prey for autocrats, whom he prefers to American allies. He accepted at face value the lies fed him by Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as he’s accepted lies from Vladimir Putin.

In a masterpiece of self-delusion, as Kurds fled for their lives from Turkish attack, Trump crowed, in Texas: “It’s a great day for the Kurds. Great day for civilization.” And praised Erdogan as “a hell of a leader.” He’ll lead America into more overseas debacles given the chance."

I mean, every day we point out the abject idiocy of this man. The constant lying. The disconnect from reality. The damage that comes from this is real.

Another example she gives:

" Who are the Syrian Kurds? The president has defamed our Kurdish allies as “terrorists” and “communists” and “no angels.” This is clearly language fed to him by Erdogan. If Trump had listened to military briefers, he’d know that the U.S. military considers Kurdish fighters to be important allies, not terrorists (even though they were an offshoot of the Turkish Kurdish rebel group, the PKK, many years ago)."

Come on. Why doesn’t this kind of ■■■■■■■■■ bother some people? It’s beyond deplorable. It’s dangerous. Sometimes abject ignorance becomes a threat, a danger.

This author always writes thoughtful, measured, even boring columns about Middle East foreign policy. But here she writes this:
“The president’s disconnect from reality is deeply troubling to the U.S. military. It was humiliating for them to retreat in such a rushed fashion, having to bomb their headquarters so Russian or Syrian troops wouldn’t seize their weapons. Russian TV is full of jokes about America’s precipitous flight.”

“Given Trump’s disconnect from reality, the sooner he is gone from the Oval Office the better, before he inflicts more foreign policy wounds.”

Sure, it’s funny and dumb when President Lynched says stupid things. But it makes me sad, the damage he’s doing, purely out of ignorance. And we all just limply shrug, and look away.


It doesn’t get much more disconnected from reality than coming before the American people to declare that “the Kurds are much safer now” as reports show them being shelled, driven from their homes by the hundreds of thousands, and butchered by Turkish death squads. He is helping to create the next generation of America’s enemies. And they have every right to hate us for betraying them.

But it doesn’t matter, because Trump got to feel tough and useful for a few hours and nobody around him has the spine to tell him when he is wrong. It’s been the same story his entire life and why he exists as a 73 year old man child sociopath.

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Dems for never ending wars…

Foreign policy isn’t “never-ending wars”.

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You like it, that we have troops all around the world?

More parroting of Donnie horse ■■■■■ From the link:
"Why were

US troops there? Trump claims they were there to fight “endless wars.” He says he’s preventing tens of thousands of casualties by their sudden withdrawal. In reality the opposite is true. U.S. special forces provided support for the Kurds, without whose help the United States would have had to send tens of thousands of fighters. The small residual U.S. troop presence was preventing endless war by helping Kurds avoid an IS resurgence."

Congrats on the IS resurgence, cratic.

There is nothing about the Kurds and Turkey hating each other that has anything to do with American security. We have a much greater security threat of an accident happening escalating tensions between America and Russia fighting in the same region flying jets in the same air space.

Trudy Rubin is obviously part of the deep state.

Well I mean that’s if you ignore ISIS and terrorism. You know those prisons we were detaining pr the Kurds where detaining for us so they wouldnt come attack us or cause chaos…

But sure…you are 100% right of course…

And I havent even touched the 50 nukes in that area that we have there

About seventy years past the point there was something that could be done about it on a large scale.

From the link:
His recklessness and immorality, as displayed by his Syria debacle, prove him unfit to make foreign policy or protect our republic. His greenlight for Turkish war crimes against our Kurdish allies has shamed America. And Vice President Pence’s “cease-fire” deal with Ankara was a shameful sham, giving Turkey the greenlight to drive hundreds of thousands more Kurdish civilians out of their homeland."

An anonymous pontificator or an expert on Middle East policy?

To think we did so without our own interests in mind is the epitome of ignorance regarding U.S. foreign policy.

There is always going to be Islamic Jihadists in that region, regardless if we want American troops to be in their cross hairs or we could do as Obama campaigned and pledged to get our troops out of the wars. If Turkey is that much of a threat to the U.S. they should not be in NATO,…

Correct, they should not

We are agree on that, and to think the EU had been contemplating on letting them be a member.

Um…we had them locked up till trump ran away.