Trudeau call snap election, Canadian go to the poll Sept. 20th

Trudeau gambit backfiring Conservative take the lead in projected seats.

how about “none of the above”, is that a valid reason?

trying to put the fix in is never popular

doesn’t a snap election intentionally discriminate against those with no thumbs?

Where is my ballot?

Clearly Canada is discriminating based on national origin.

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It would seem that no party will win an absolute majority. Which party is more likely to gain the support of the minor parties?

That doesn’t make any sense?

Trudeau swing back after a good performance in the debates.

Conservative have to worry about vote splitting for the first time since the early 2000’s with the new Conservatives party picking up steam in the heartland of Alberta.

based on current numbers Liberal are predicted to win a minority government, unless there is major splitting between the liberal vote but the NDP doesn’t look like they are going to make much gains.

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