TROUBLED WATERS: Mad Maxine Tells Americans to ‘TURN TELEVISION OFF’ During State of the Union

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Anti-Trump crusader Rep. Maxine Waters urged her fellow citizens to turn-off the television during President Trump’s State of the Union address this week; saying she “can’t imagine” what the Commander-in-Chief will tell millions of Americans during the annual speech.

#AClassyClapback served the way only Auntie Maxine can- straight, no chaser. Read why @RepMaxineWaters still isn't here for Trump’s #SOTU address: #ESSENCENews

— ESSENCE (@Essence) February 4, 2019

“I don’t even know why he wants to come and give the State of the Union,” said Waters.

“But since he is a great liar, he’ll say anything,” she added, “Because he’s capable of saying anything without facts, without research. And so, I’m not looking forward to his State of the Union, and I hope people will turn the television off!”