TROUBLED WATERS: Mad Maxine Tells Americans to ‘TURN TELEVISION OFF’ During State of the Union | Sean Hannity

Anti-Trump crusader Rep. Maxine Waters urged her fellow citizens to turn-off the television during President Trump’s State of the Union address this week; saying she “can’t imagine” what the Commander-in-Chief will tell millions of Americans during the annual speech.

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Yea, wouldn’t want anyone to hear the facts of border security!!

Maxine Muddy Waters epitomizes what is wrong with the Socialist Party…no interest in serving the needs of the country or its citizens!!
She is only interested in trying to entice people to riot and to criticize the President…and I would guess most of her constituents are gullible enough to believe her!!
It’s a sad state fate of affairs when a human being as despicable as Watters has a forum for expressing her misguided comments!!!
She should be in jail, not in the Government!!

Maxine has been spending so much time ranting and raving about Republicans in general and Trump in particular, that she usually looks like she is going to bust a vein. Maybe they should seriously consider putting her somewhere for a thorough mental health examine before she hurts someone. It looks to be only a matter of time.