Tragedy in Colorado

So explain why?


  1. Secure weapons

No it didn’t, but it may have … probably … contributed to it.

And become dead.


It happens.

There are a couple of possible thought processes running through the steel trap I call my mind.

Numbah 1 is he was concerned some rapscallion would abscond with the weapon, leaving him standing there with a dead body and a story.

Numbah 2 he was concerned for public safety.

It is unfortunate 1. He wasn’t instructed better and 2. Cops don’t have better tactics.

Won’t ever happen to anyone with common sense.


What a stupid, stupid thing to say.

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Not stupid, smart.

We disagree on this issue.

Nothing will change my mind on the subject, nor yours.

Just a disagreement.


The difference is one of us actually knows what I’m talking about.

You have no idea what happens in these events. The physiological reactions to stress, what it means to go up against a rifle with a pistol. And win.

You don’t have the first clue what you’re running your cake hole about. And you come here with “No common sense!” And “I would have…”

You don’t know what auditory exclusion is. You assume he could have heard (and understood) anything. You assume logic in an illogical situation. You presume too much, as is your wont.

When you get in a gunfight against a rifle with a pistol in your hand and win, maybe then your criticism will have some value.


I am as qualified as you on this case.

No doubt about it.

Guy shots perp dead

Guy picks up gun from perp.and holds it until police get there.

Guy gets shot by cops dead.

It’s pretty cut and dried.



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Common sense is to secure the weapon of the guy you just put down.

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Not at all.

Cuz good guys with guns deter crime.


Pretty well deterred Troyke from further actions.

That is without a doubt.

So many rules to follow by citizens . Any rules for the police to follow? Like don’t shoot first ask questions later? This is such a sad story.

RIP Johnny Hurley. You are a brave man and did everything you are supposed to do as a responsible gun owner.

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There must be a video showing how good guy was holding the ar 15. I would like to know how he was handling it. I doubt he was holding it like he plan on using it.