Tragedy in Colorado

They killed him after he helped them. Safety Tip: Don’t stand there with a gun your hand when they show up.

They’re terrified and will shoot anybody with anything in their hands - no questions.


The article does not indicate wither or not the police told him to drop the weapon. It just says that he was holding the AR-15 and was shot. Lot’s of questions here.

In any event, the answer clearly is that we need more people with more guns.


It’s almost if we don’t need more cops but for some reason we keep getting more funding for them.

And don’t pick up the perp’s gun even if there are no cops around to shoot you.

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A guy fatally shoots a cop, then another guy fatally shoots the guy who fatally shot the cop, and then the police fatally shoot the guy who fatally shot the guy who fatally shot the cop.

Diagnosis: We need more guns


Never…that was a very bad thing to do.

They are fearful for a reason. One of their own is lying dead and you have a gun.

Don’t you raise you hands when the police show up?


Does it matter?

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You might want to read the article.

Great post.

Yep, just like the movies.

Jesus, that is just terrible.

I’ve been told in this forum that things like this would never happen, and the answer to gun violence is more guns. I guess that answer needs refinement.

No you haven’t.


Why did you make that up?


From the article in the OP.

He said Hurley likely saved further bloodshed when he killed Troyke.

“He” being Arvada Police Chief Link Strate.

Perhaps a statue would be in order.

I’d like to know some things about this case. I have questions.

Why pick up the dead perps gun. That doesn’t make sense to me.


That’s because you’re a hoplophobe and don’t know anything about it.

I know it caused his death. I know that much.