TOTAL DENIAL: Hillary Hints at ‘Madam President’ During NYC Speech, Says Trump ‘Assaulting’ Laws

Originally published at: TOTAL DENIAL: Hillary Hints at ‘Madam President’ During NYC Speech, Says Trump ‘Assaulting’ Laws | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton jokingly referred to herself as ‘Madam President’ during a commencement speech in New York City Wednesday; claiming the Trump administration was launching an “assault on the rule of law.”

“It has been one of the most inspiring, heart-felt commencements that I’ve ever experienced. I’m thrilled to be a part of it today. Madam President? That has a nice ring to it. Thank you so much,” said Clinton.

“Madam President — that has a nice ring to it,” Hillary Clinton says addressing @HunterPresident Jennifer Raab in her commencement speech in New York City

— TicToc by Bloomberg (@tictoc) May 29, 2019

Hillary Clinton’s email probe was thrust back into the national headlines weeks ago, when former Attorney General Loretta Lynch directly rebuked James Comey’s allegations she “instructed him” to refer to the investigation as a “matter.”

“So you do not believe you ever instructed him to call it a matter?” one lawmaker asked Lynch.

“I did not. I have never instructed a witness as to what to say specifically. Never have. Never will,” fired-back the former Attorney General.

Lynch’s comments directly refute Comey’s Congressional testimony.

QUESTION: And then you made a comment earlier about the Attorney General, previous AG [Lynch] asking you about the investigation on the Clinton emails, saying that you were asked not to call it an ‘Investigation’ anymore, but to call it a ‘Matter.’ And you said that confused you. Can you give us additional details on that?

COMEY: Well, it concerned me, because we were at the point where we refused to confirm the existence of an investigation –as we usually do– for months,. And it was getting to a place where that looked silly, because the campaigns were talking about interacting with the FBI in the course of our work.

The Clinton campaign at the time was using all kinds of euphemisms, ‘security review,’ ‘matter.’ Things like that.

For what was going on. We were getting to a place where the Attorney General and I were going to have to testify and talk publicly about it, and I wanted to know if she would authorize us to confirm we had an investigation. And she said yes, but don’t call it that, call it a ‘Matter.’ And I said why would I do that? And [Lynch] said just call it a ‘Matter.’