Upwards of 800 soldiers will soon be deployed to the United States’ southern border with Mexico, with US officials telling Fox News they will join thousands of National Guard members already operating in the region.

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Not nearly enough troops… SEND MORE!!! THIS MUST BE STOPPED!!! God bless the troops & all who are putting themselves in danger to protect us all👊

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Is it true that the majority of the 800 will be doctors, engineers and lawyers? Only armed for self defense? After what we saw at the Mexican border is that going to be enough? I don’t want anyone hurt but we got to be realistic

Prez says they will be stopped. Doctors and medical personnel are not going to stop them. And 800 troops will not be enough unless they have been given orders to shoot anyone who as much as touches the fence or gate on the Mexican side of the border.

This caravan should be met about 500 miles out with a couple of squadrons of Apache attack helicopters, flying under cover of a couple of squadrons of FA-18’s with AWACs directing them in case the Mexican air force wants to get involved. Maybe some A-10s to fire some spent uranium 20mm armor piercing cannon shells across their path.