Too early to condemn Jerry Falwell Jr?

I haven’t seen a single news article online from a religious leader condemning (or forgiving) Jerry Falwell Jr’s activities.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or are there none?

I watch the videos of a guy named Todd Friel (Wretched radio) - an evangelical radio host who in the past has excoriated people like Joel Osteen and … Beth somebody… - prosperity gospel people, anyway…

Yet in the last few days since the scandal began he hasn’t said a word about Falwell Jr., which I found interesting.

Also interesting that Falwell refuses to do a mea culpa and says he did nothing wrong, and he and his wife are complaining that people (the populace, not religious leaders as far as I can see) are being unChristian in condemning them…

I wonder how many kids who broke Liberty University’s code of conduct were forgiven and allowed to remain in school…

He doesn’t cut an especially sympathetic figure.

We’ll see if the redemption narrative works for him.

Depends on the definition of biblical marriage faithfulness.

Some say stick with marriage even if one person in the relationship is unfaithful because there’s no such thing as divorce once married.

Christian marital threesomes should be ok.