Tonight town hall war

So who is going to have bigger audience? NBC or ABC?

  • NBC
  • ABC

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Now having said that. NBC should be showing ABC poll on television and have Trump respond to Biden answers in real time. That’s if NBC has any sense.

Well, considering ABC has only one outlet, and NBC has multiple outlets, like MSNBC, CNBC, etc., then it is quite obvious who will win the ratings war.

Even if things were equal though. Trump would still draw the larger audience. People would rather see a train-wreck than watch paint dry.


You have to remember that Trump is a reality tv star, he knows how to put on a show.


Lol Donald chickens out of another debate. Not the first time he’s pulled these shenanigans.

My ballot is already cast. So if I am watching TV tonight, it will be the Donald :clown_face: show for the chuckle factor. I hope he dances to the Village People again. Nothing like seeing an old man do that.


I wonder how many people are considering which one would be better to watch to have a drinking game.

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Trump wins this ratings war hands down, for the same reason people slow down to rubberneck as they drive by an accident.


I’ll be going out for a nice lobster dinner with friends.

I think those of us who are at the dinner will be the winners.

(And the damned town halls had better not be on any TVs at the restaurant!!)


Sounds like you’re describing a virtual debate, that’s a brilliant idea. I wonder why the commission didn’t think of that?


I may watch Trump tonight just for the laughs

Who cares about the Biden town hall.

My channel is NBC

To see Trump whine about not being liked again.


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I think a lot of people will be this way. Which is just further proof of how bad at this Trump and his D-Lister cohorts are.

Trump backed out of the debate. An opportunity to hit Biden with some sort of haymaker that could potentially change the trajectory of the race. Fail.

Biden gets a townhall scheduled, which opens him up to a 2-hour window of making some gaffe on live television, where people see it in real time, and before the campaign has a chance to spin it afterwards.

So what does Trump do? Instead of giving Biden the rope to potentially hang himself with, he instead shows that all he cares about is himself and ratings. So he schedules his own townhall at the same time, on a network that has multiple outlets, where it is a given he will win the ratings war. He takes immense pressure off of Biden and places it on himself, where millions of people will tune in to him to see what kind of horrific thing he will say or do this time. Fail.

It is hilarious to me that they are THIS ■■■■■■■ terrible at politicking.


Something else I’ve noticed - in 2016, Trump was at least talking policy a good bit as crazy as his narrative sounded (immigration, trade, etc.). This time, all he seems to be doing is whining.

“they spied on my campaign”
“these polls aren’t treating me fairly”
“I"m not going to participate in a virtual debate”

And on and on and on. It was one thing to listen to that from my nieces and nephews when they were toddlers. I don’t want to hear that crap from a grown ass male appearing on tv who is claiming to be some manifestation of a tough guy or something.


You are going to have to get some new material.

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You’re telling me that?


Trump, because that’s who will be watching to see that train wreck happen in real time

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I know the routine.
He’ll start okay with first question or two.
Then he’ll lie and the person asking question will try and correct him.
Then Trump will rudely tell person they are a jackass.
Then Trump will go down rabbit hole talking about Hillary and Sleepy Joe and how he’s the next Jesus because he beat corona virus (he’ll use the 5 yr old version) and then Hunter Biden.
Then someone else will start to ask a question, he’ll cut them off to say he is the most popular person in the world and should have won 4 straight Nobel prizes. Then blame democrats and liberals for all of the world’s woes. Then claim ultimate victimhood.
Then pivot to promising $2000/month in relief, great healthcare, and free drugs.


I’ll be sitting screaming at my monitor with my hair on fire shooting things.

But then again I’ll be playing Borderlands 2.

Tomorrow I’ll open full YouTubes of both debates in browser tabs making my own virtual debate for audio to my ear buds while working. I’ll stream Biden for 10 minutes, pause it, switch to Trump, rinse, repeat.


I will be re watching documentaries on the Juno mission to Jupiter…

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Please…please…let Trump do the superman stunt tonight! :laughing: :joy: :rofl:

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They have been trying to talk Joe into it. Joe still says no.

Ends up a “Dueling Town Hall.”.