Today on Capitol Hill

President Trump is set to address many of his Stop the Steal supporters live this morning before Congress meets to certify the electoral college results.

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Will the angry mob storm the bastille today at 1pm.


10 must not be enough.

Oh this should be ■■■■■■■ priceless.

Wondering if he throws Pence under the bus, or still refers to him as our “great” Vice President in hopes he will change his mind and try to due Trump’s bidding.

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I’m going with openly threatening him.

Well, honestly it depends if we get whacked out on Adderall Trump or whacked out on Xanax Trump.

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Lol - guess he’s got to get in front of cameras a few more times while before he loses his job.

Donnie Jr. just threatened every Republican who doesn’t go along with this effort. Too funny!

I heard he’s going to wave around a golden AK and scream for freeberty.

Did you see his scream fest yesterday? Someone has really got to get him to stop doing coke before public engagements.

This should be interesting. It will most likely be his last rally in front of adoring fans before January 20th. His “stolen election” rhetoric will have less meaning after the electors are counted later in the day.

I won’t be surprised if he tries marching them into congress.

Me either.

I will be surprised if he knows which direction to go though.


Me too.

Bold of you to assume Trump would walk anywhere.

Maybe now that he’s got some free time, he and Fat Stacy could start counting steps on Fitbit.

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They are currently playing “Don’t Stop Believin’” at the rally. Seems very on brand.

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This would funnier if she insisted on riding on a golf cart for any trip longer than about two hundred feet I guess.


I predict his official roll out of Trump TV…it’s gonna be bigly