To quote a 1970's song -- Crisis what Crisis -- well they have found it now

I have no issue with taking care of the border, I’m simply putting the “crisis” into the reality of the world in which is hardly a bug bite.

Oh noes we are helpless helpless i say…we have no power here…we are totally helpless…oh wait brown people want to come in illegally? Well not on my watch!

How about Trump stops running his mouth about building walls, putting the army on the border, and shutting it down if we don’t want desperate people to start trying to get in all at once?

and if the court systems weren’t so backed up intentionally by all of the Illegals
here, and we had a border wall, then we could focus more on things like finding people
with fake visa’s, and doing something about them, and catching sex traffickers.

Instead of doing what Democrats want, which is simply catch and release, and “hope” that they show up for their court dates! lmao!

Caravans have been coming to the U.S border for the last 50 years, its not a crisis.

White conservatives always need a brown skinned boogeyman.

Liberal thinking. Short term results.
Trump is thinking long-term.

A wall is long-term. Are we going to have troops at the border forever? lol

How about people stop flaming this topic to death and sit down and work out an immigration reform but nope we need to build a wall.

Link to 1,000+ people caravans coming to the US border pre - Trump.

Please and thank you.

It’s all the Racist white mans fault for everything some how. lol.

Even other minorities Racist against whites is only because the white devil
is Racist. lol. Right?

You think people fleeing Latin America is a new thing?

like I said Vietnamese boat people was a crisis.

How about this:

Asylum seekers at the border: If there is room for them in a detention facility, they can come across and start the process. No room, they have to stay put.
Kill DACA as a presidental made up out of thin air law and have congress pass some sort of law. Restricted to those in the program, and a set end date for it. Path to citizen ship for those in it. Those not in the program . . . returned to their home countries.

Why are you responding to me? Please dont…this will be the last time i respond to you.

Pretend i dont exist

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Republicans tend to be the ones fighting the Wars for Americans, while Liberals stay at home and whine about the war, and do illegal drugs.

I would hate to see what the country would look like with Democrat Politicians making this a one party system. Any time another country would threaten to invade us, DEmocrat Politicians would apologize, go into hiding, and say take anything you want, but just don’t hurt us. whine, cry. lol.

awe that’s funny. It’s funny because it’s true. lol.

I’m fine with all of that but again you need to sit down with Congress and work out a reform bill.

when is Trump going to sit down and meet with Congress?
or is he going to keep yelling on TV about invasions and walls.

because if its the latter he doesn’t really care about solving the issue he only cares about stoking fear.

Obama order the murder of more people via drone program then any President in history.
dude was a total liberal ■■■■■■

so you like murderers, and support them?

What i find most comical about this whole southern border crisis, is neither side really cares about solving it they are simply using it as a tool to rally up voters against the other side.

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Mexico needs to do its job first, otherwise Trump needs to tell them that if they don’t we’re going to punish them, like doing less and less trade with them.

Then there will still be ones that get through. We still need a border to protect America from the people in Mexico, and all of the corruption that comes with them.

…expose them as either ignorant or liars, allowing them their own free will to choose?