To lighten your mood, here is a story about the mighty Venezuelan Navy

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The mighty Venezuelan Navy took on a German cruise ship.

Cruise ship 1, Venezuelan Navy 0.

The Venezuelan ship approached and deliberately and repeatedly rammed the cruise ship trying to force it to change course. What the dumb ***** in the Venezuelan ship didnt realize is that the cruise ship was equipped with protective plates for traveling through ice.

The cruise ship suffered only minor damage.

The Venezuelan ship started taking on water and quickly sank. :rofl:

No need to worry about COVID-19, I about died of laughter after seeing this. :smile:

Maduro, I think your **** heads in the Navy need to stick to harassing fishing boats, which is about the limits of their capability. :rofl:


The reputation of the Venezuelan Navy is such that the captain of the cruise ship chose to disobey their orders even after being rammed.

One of the passengers of the cruise ship managed to snap a picture of the Venezuelan vessel as is approached ramming speed.



However, the RCGS Resolute is reinforced with steel plating to help it navigate through ice.

While the RCGS Resolute sustained minor damages, not affecting vessels seaworthiness, it occurs that the navy vessel suffered severe damages while making contact with the ice-strengthened bulbous bow of the ice-class expedition cruise vessel RCGS Resolute and started to take water, the companys statement said

OMG宇hat is beyond funny and maybe a Readers Digest condensed version of why Venezuels is having such a hard time with their leadership? Theyre just plain STUPID!

I read this and chuckled. Maduro accused the cruise ship of carrying mercenaries. For the life of me Im amazed at the decision of the patrol boats captain to try to direct the cruise ship toward Venezuelan waters by ramming? What outcome was he expecting other than losing his ship and crew?

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A search and rescue mission successfully retrieved the crew from the sinking patrol boat, the Venezuelan navy said in a statement.
I wonder if the rescue included the RCGS Resolute? Oh that would be just perfect.

Thats hilarious :rofl: :joy:
Did some digging, the ship is Portuguese, not German



We should send one of our own ships down there to deal with this.

Old Ironsides oughta do it.

Great thread! I LOL. Appreciate that :smiley:

I have little doubt the USS Constitution could wipe out the entire Venezuelan Navy. :smile:

Im placing my bet on these guys to take on Venezuela. :sunglasses:


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Well, their limits have been reduced by one ship.

a long time ago i looked into taking a trip on that ship. ended up on a different ship to svalbard instead

So I guess the moral to this story is dont bring a navy ship to a cruise ship fight.

Double layer of ten inch thick live oak timbers, no problemo! :laughing:

Theres a reason the Venezuelan Navy isnt feared around the world. :joy: